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Ziggy d youtube

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Hello there, I’m Daniel, or ‘ZiggyD,’ as some of you may recognize me from gaming and writing. I’m an online and offline marketer from Australia, as well as a talented blogger, website creator, and competitive gamer.
I enjoy games that involve commitment, discipline, and a strategic mindset. Starcraft 2 is my favorite game; when I first played a multiplayer match in late 2010, something in me awoke. My mind was racing with ideas, and an urge to better myself arose within me. I wanted to grow not only in Starcraft but also in life.
I needed a way to release all of this pent-up energy, so I started LearningSC2.com in early 2011 as a way to share my Starcraft 2 learning experience with others. Between then and 2012, I was able to advance from Bronze (at the bottom) to Masters (in the top 5% of players) while still working and completing a degree (bachelor of business). I’m pleased with my progress, but I’m far from done!
All of my Starcraft writing and learning made me realize how much I enjoy making content that others find useful, as well as how much I wanted to be self-employed rather than face the human domestication of another work. Instead of giving my time to a boss, I wanted to be able to do the things I enjoy and earn money from the value I make for others.

Ziggyd gaming

ExileconDude did a fantastic job as the MC at Exilecon. Is this something he’s done before? He seemed to be a seasoned pro out there. All about the streamers was awesome. Even if doing one of these every year is too much of a logistical nightmare for GGG, it would be great to see the big streamers come together and do interviews and new content demonstrations every year or so. There are currently 184 comments. 90 percentsharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Ziggyd gaming

Since I was five years old, when I first played the WarCraft: Orcs and Humans demo, gaming has been a big part of my life. Since then, I’ve played a wide variety of video games on a variety of platforms. Throughout my life, games have allowed me to unwind, learn, explore, and develop friendships, and I believe they are an incredible medium. In my manifesto, you can learn more about my gaming philosophy and goals.
I started writing in 2011 as a way to share my enthusiasm for the real-time strategy game StarCraft 2. I recorded my journey from Bronze League to Masters League by writing about everything I learned while playing the game. Through this adventure, I discovered that I enjoy illustrating the dynamics and complexities of complex games – something I will devote the rest of my life to.
I finished my bachelor’s degree in marketing and management at the end of 2011. I had intended to pursue a career in retail management, but after my experiences with StarCraft 2, I’ve decided that I’d rather devote my professional life to assisting people in getting the most out of their games.

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Although several vendors offer document cameras, IPEVO’s Ziggi-HD and V4K document cameras are the most compliant with the Connected Classroom environment.

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IPEVO Visualizer was developed exclusively for the IPEVO document camera family, and it’s jam-packed with features to help you get the most out of your camera. Live View, which provides instant real-time video from your IPEVO camera; Video Recording for the live feed; Review Mode for snapshots and video management; Custom and Automatic Exposure; Continuous and One-Click Focus; and much more are among the useful tools.
Is your camera sluggish?
Some teachers have expressed dissatisfaction with the visible camera lag when using Visualizer with an IPEVO document camera.
This lag is caused by Visualizer’s default camera resolution of 32642448. The processor on the teacher’s laptop is clogged by this huge video stream. Changing the Visualizer resolution to 1920×1080 significantly improves performance. NOTE 1: Using the Visualizer software and Zoom screen sharing at the same time is not recommended. Instead, display the IPEVO camera using Zoom’s screen share’s “second camera” option. NOTE 2: Changing this setting can result in a loss of sharpness when zooming in. In most cases, that’s a reasonable price to pay for real-time footage!

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