Youtube custom url not showing

Youtube custom url not showing

Having trouble getting a youtube custom url? here’s why

We want to make it as easy as possible for fans to find and enjoy your channel on YouTube. That’s why, from subscriptions to updates to custom URLs, we’ve spent years developing resources to help your audience stay on top of your images.
We started seeing instances where two channels could request URLs with similar names in these two different formats once these two systems were in place. This is perplexing for viewers, and it’s still not a pleasant experience for writers.
We think this is a good thing for the millions of channels that already have custom URLs and those that will request one in the future. However, due to duplication conflicts (when and point to separate channels), a small number of less than 0.02 percent of channels with custom URLs would have to demand a new URL. If you’re in this party, you’ll be informed, and you’ll have until May 31, 2017 to demand a brand new custom URL from your channel’s advanced account settings.

Ineligible custom url issue on youtube how to fix

It’s possible to change the URL of your YouTube channel to make it easier for viewers to find you.

Custom url for youtube channel

Custom URLs are based on your show name, YouTube username, or the name of a connected website and are subject to availability (it may already be in use).

How to get a custom url on youtube 2021 (or remove

A channel must have 100 or more subscribers, be at least 30 days old, and have both submitted channel art and a picture for your channel icon to be eligible for a custom URL.

How to get a custom url on youtube – enable youtube

You won’t be able to alter a custom URL once you’ve built it. You’ll have to uninstall the old URL and build a new one instead. Here’s how to make a unique URL for your YouTube channel.
How do I get a unique YouTube URL?
1. Go to your YouTube account and sign in.
2. Pick “Advanced Account Settings” from the menu on the left by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner, selecting “Settings,” and then selecting “Advanced Account Settings.”
3. Click the “You’re qualified for a custom URL” link under Channel Settings. This connection will appear only if you are eligible for a custom URL, as explained above. 4. The “Get custom URL box” shows the custom URLs you’ve been granted permission to use. You can’t change the part in the grey box, but you can change the rest of the connection to make it special to you. 5. Verify that you understand the terms in the “Custom URL Terms of Use” section before clicking “Update URL.” 6. Double-check that you typed the URL correctly, then click “Confirm option.” 7. By entering in the URL — for example, “” — users will be led to your channel’s homepage.

How to get a youtube channel custom url in 2021 [new

When it comes to claiming your custom YouTube URL, YouTube has changed its practice. You must now fulfill the criteria – don’t worry, there is no payment or arbitrary deadlines to meet. We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to consider before claiming your URL:
Do you have a channel that checks all of these boxes? If that’s the case, it’s time to get the URL. It’s time to take care of your YouTube URL. Most accounts will have received an email from YouTube stating that they meet all of the above requirements, so check your inbox/junk mail for information and links on how to do so. Can’t seem to locate the email? We’ve got your back.
That’s what there is to it. You’ll get your own exclusive URL. To give you the best brand consistency, this should now be in line with your other social media accounts. ADDITIONAL TRAINING: How to make a second update to your custom URL: So you initially thought you chose the best URL for your YouTube channel, but now you’re second-guessing yourself and assume there was something better that represented your branding. There’s always an option! The steps below will show you how to obtain a secondary URL in the event that you want one: There are a few things to keep in mind when making your own YouTube URL: Don’t wait to start producing and posting more awesome content on your channel now that you have your custom URL! Don’t hesitate to contact one of our #DigitalJedi if you want to learn more about how to use YouTube channels and how to optimize your capacity for interaction across the channel.

How to change youtube custom url 2020

A visual representation of the thumbnail images associated with the channel. The name of the thumbnail image is the key for each object in the map, and the value is an object that contains additional details about the thumbnail. Make sure your code uses the image URLs exactly as they are returned in API responses when viewing thumbnails in your app. For example, in an API answer URL, your application should not use the http domain instead of the https domain. Only the https domain is usable for channel thumbnail URLs, which is how the URLs appear in API responses. If your app tries to load YouTube images from the http domain, you may get broken images. For newly generated channels, thumbnail images can be empty and may take up to one day to fill.
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The channel’s title and description are localized in the localized object, or the channel’s title and description are in the default language for the channel’s metadata. A read-only value is stored in the property. To add, update, or delete localized metadata, use the localizations object.

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