Youre such a tool

Youre such a tool

Tool – hooker with a penis (audio)

Beatrix, get an A Tool mug for your girlfriend. 4a device Being used by a higher force, mainly for their own benefit. You’re such a stooge for her; you’re capable of so much more. 187 by Leonardo The date is November 02, 2007, and the number is 8982.
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For your mother-in-law Zora, a tool mug is ideal.
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When someone is naive and does not recognize when a word is being misused, not using his brain or common sense and only believing what he sees.
Right now, you’re behaving like a tool. Do you really think chickens are people? Submitted by soulflyman 215th of October, 2018

Tones and i – ur so f**king cool (official video

“He’s such a tool,” I’ve always heard people say. Is it right that this is a reference to male genitals? Is it, however, intended to imply that he is ridiculous, obnoxious, or obnoxious in a silly manner, or something else? And I understand that a prick is someone who is obnoxious, unpleasant, and possibly violent. Isn’t “tool” a kinder term?
I’m not sure where the word “tool” came from as a derogatory term, but it may have been a reference to genitals. I assume the meaning has been lost in common use, at least in AE. For example, “tool” is not a synonym for “dick” or “prick,” both of which are obviously genital references. The better description of “tool” is possibly “fool,” or an unintelligent individual who cannot think for themselves; a poser.
The most popular use is to refer to someone (usually a man) who is too dumb to realize he is being used (he is literally a tool for someone else). The second most popular application is for someone who is simply an idiot or a screw-up. Other meanings exist, and you can see some of them here.

The doobie brothers – what a fool believes (official music

However, the term “he’s a complete tool” has entered into English slang in reference to people. Is he being used as a “puppet” by someone? Would it be the case if someone said, “He is an IBM tool,” that he was a (blindly loyal) company man? Might this be a sort of soldier (for example, a Japanese soldier during WWII) who would jump off a cliff if ordered to by an officer?
Yes, tool in this sense denotes that IBM has complete control over him and that he is obedient. However, it’s most often used in cases where the partnership is a little unexpected, unwitting, or inappropriate. The tool isn’t conscious of its own being. Soldiers are not supposed to behave independently of their superiors’ orders, so they will not be a good example.
“Speaker John Boehner has become a weapon of the Tea Party,” as one may put it, which is surprising considering the normal relationship between the Speaker of the House and a group of his supporters. (If you want your politics to be reversed, you will find people who say that “President Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood tool.”)

Tool – schism

The speaker of this MSO query describes himself as sounding like a “tool.” What exactly does this imply? The way it’s used in the linked question suggests that being a tool means being conceited or enamored of oneself, while the urban dictionary and wiktionary define it as being used without realizing it. Is the way it’s used in that question an appropriate version, or did the OP make a grammatical error by mistaking a common term for something else?
Tool has many names, according to Green’s Dictionary of Slang. It most likely means “a dumb, useless, or socially inept human” in the current sense. The earliest reference to this is from 1656.
This definition is likely derived from the first meaning under the headword “weapon,” “the penis,” as a literal or figurative bodily organ (first citation 1553), as names for reproductive organs are often used as words of violence (for reasons I don’t understand).

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