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Easy Digital Downloads has a built-in shopping cart that allows customers to add multiple items to their carts before checking out. However, a variety of host, site, and browser configurations can cause this functionality to fail and the cart to appear empty during checkout.
Because they are so widely used, caching plugins are the most common culprit. Their purpose is simple: caching plugins reduce website load times by storing certain website data for quick access when the browser requests it. While this is an excellent way to speed up your website and reduce server traffic, it must be used with caution.
The checkout page on your website should not be cached. What is the reason for this? Because the information on that page must be updated on a regular basis. Adding and removing items from the cart, calculating cart totals, and all other functions of the checkout page must reflect the current state of the page data each time it is loaded. Otherwise, when it’s time to check out, you might (and probably will) get unexpected results.

How to fix woocommerce blank page after adding to cart

When I add a product to my website’s shopping cart, I get the message “SHOPPING CART IS EMPTY.” When using a private window in Firefox or Chrome, however, everything works fine. I’m concerned that it isn’t working for customers, and I’m not sure how to resolve this.
When I add a product to my cart, it takes me back to the empty cart page. I simply type the checkout/onepage url into my browser. For me, Onepage is sufficient. As a result, the products have been added to the shopping cart. However, it is not visible on the cart page.
Your hosting company may have a limit on the number of files you can have in your account, and you’ve reached it. You delete files after clearing cache, and it begins to work again. Check your file quota on your hosting account (limit).

Magento: shopping cart is empty when adding a product to

I’m having a strange problem that didn’t exist prior to MS2. I created a new site using MS2. I can add items to my cart and so on. It says my shopping cart is empty when I click checkout! After that, I can see that my items are still in the cart by clicking the continue button.
After wasting a lot of time with other brands, I decided to go with Verisign because I couldn’t get *anything* to work with a chained certificate. Of course, I could always sign my own certificate, but Microsoft browsers occasionally complain that the page “cannot be displayed.” yadahyadahyadahyadahyadahyadahyadahyadah I guess I wandered off topic here.
I’m having the same issue as trevb54. I press the ADD TO CART button, which takes me to my shopping cart and informs me that “Your shopping cart is empty!” I don’t run on an HTTPS server, and all of my orders are sent over HTTP, so it can’t be the configure.php, according to what I’ve read.

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