Young mick dodge

Young mick dodge

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Mick Dodge (the Barefoot Sensei, star of National Geographic TV’s “The Legend of Mick Dodge”) and three core members of the Earthgym Tribe – Jacquie Chandler, Carolyn Brown, and Rachel Flower – will be teaching a weekend walk-shop this summer.
People who want to strengthen their bond with nature. Young and old, fit and unhealthy, curious and devoted. People who are willing to experiment with new ways to reconnect with nature, tap into the Earth’s evolutionary intelligence and power, and learn what it means to “make sense.”
Jacquie Chandler – Primal concept master; co-founder of the Earthgym practice; producer consultant, Mick’s wardrobe, and personal assistant on “The Legend of Mick Dodge”; Creative Director of the Earthgym Tribe; Founder of Sustainable Tahoe and ardent ally of Water
Carolyn Brown is the founder of Earthbody Alive and Up2yoga, as well as a long-time Earthgym practitioner, innovator, and guide. She weaves movement and meditative practices to communicate with the Wild and live through our wild knowledge, with deep expertise in yoga, dance, exercise, eco-activism, communication, and wilderness questing.

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Mick Dodge, dubbed “The Barefoot Sensei,” has brought a strong teaching from the Olympic Mountains’ Old Growth forests. He teaches the Earth’s lessons through Earthgym movement practices, natural walking clinics, and captivating talks focused on his many years of experience with Master O.G. (Old Growth).
The theory behind Earthgym is that we exercise *with* the Earth before we become *as* the Earth. Earthgym activities help people remember and restore a safe, playful link with the land, themselves, and each other by restoring our native way of being.
Mick’s unique perspective and approach are the result of his extensive wilderness training, rigorous martial arts training in Japan, Marine Corps service, leading boot camps, climbing, weightlifting, and other activities. From dedicated yogis and cyclists to animal lovers and casual hikers, the values and activities he has built make sense to all.
Mick has spent 62 years living in three different environments: “Urban/City,” “Open Fenced Lands,” and “Gated Wild Lands.” Mick lives and trains according to the habitat he is in because “our movements and habits are created in habitat.” His camp may be in a tree in the “gated wild.”

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Mick Dodge, also known as the Barefoot Sensei or the Barefoot Nomad, rose to prominence after the National Geographic show The Legend of Mick Dodge aired. The documentary series tracked the ex-Marine-turned-nomadic-outdoorsman as he went about his daily life in the forests of Washington state’s Olympic Mountains.
The TV show explored the unusual lifestyle of the man who left behind the urban world more than 25 years ago, from the sometimes difficult job of collecting food to his nature-based fitness program. If you’ve seen Mick Dodge’s show before or not, you won’t want to skip this crazy true-life look at how he started his barefoot adventures in the woods!
Mick Dodge was born on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington on August 29, 1951. He spent his summers with his grandparents there during his youth. The rest of his childhood was spent traveling with his career Marine father, Ronald Dodge, across the United States and the world.
Dodges, both younger and older, spent their high school years on a US Marine base in Okinawa, Japan. Mick Dodge graduated from Kubasaki High School, pursued martial arts training, and followed several Buddhist ideals that would influence his future lifestyle.

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He was born on the Olympic Peninsula and grew up there. Dodge grew up in the area after his great-grandparents settled there. He adored being outside. As the son of a career Marine, Dodge lived in a variety of locations around the country and around the world. [two] [3] Ronald L. Dodge is a well-known author. [1] In Okinawa, Japan, the younger Dodge finished high school. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and spent six years in the service. [1] Due to the stress of daily life, Dodge wanted to abandon the modern world and retreat to the thick forest. [4] He was called “The Barefoot Sensei” because he chose to walk in the woods without shoes or sandals, a choice he claimed helped him recover from plantar fasciitis, back pain, and hammer toes. He also felt that it helped him interact with the natural world more intuitively. [2] Despite his desire to remain isolated from modern society, Dodge remains active in the culture. In 1994, he and Jacquie Chandler formed The EarthGym, an earth-based fitness program in the woods where nature supplies the bulk of the physical exercise equipment. (5)

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