You may be able to bypass dns outages by changing your dns server.

You may be able to bypass dns outages by changing your dns server.

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Equipment that transmits or receives analogue or digital signals over a network is known as Data Communications Equipment (DCE). DCE transforms data generated by Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) into a signal that can then be transmitted over a communications connection at the physical layer of the OSI model. A modem, which acts as a translator of digital and analogue signals, is a popular DCE example. DCE may also be in charge of providing serial link timing. One serial interface of each connection must be configured with a clock rate to provide synchronization in a complex network that uses directly linked routers to provide serial links. The most popular form of DCE is a modem. ISDN adapters, satellites, microwave stations, base stations, and network interface cards are all common examples.

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On Monday, Comcast experienced a major “outage” that impacted Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the issue wasn’t with the physical links that make up the broadband network, nor with routers that connect large and small segments, the word “outage” is in quotation marks. Instead, it was a case of faulty plumbing, such as a faucet tap that won’t open, despite the fact that the pipes and water were perfect.
It’s an underappreciated piece of connective tissue. Although numbers can be manually entered, they are subject to change, and many web servers need the name to be sent as part of the request; this is how one piece of hardware or server software can manage thousands or even millions of different websites.
However, you can easily take control of the situation. You can point your computer, as well as most mobile devices and routers, to DNS servers other than those run by your ISP (Internet service provider). There are a few drawbacks to this, but if the alternative is to go without the Internet, there’s no excuse not to.

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You may use third-party servers to find the addresses of domains that might be blocked by your local ISP’s DNS servers, bypassing your local ISP’s DNS servers. You should try a variety of free DNS services that are available all over the world. One such service is OpenDNS (, which also offers guidance about how to modify the DNS server that your device uses ( also has an up-to-date list of available DNS servers from around the world. The Internet Censorship Wiki has a list of publicly accessible DNS services at (Some of these services can restrict access to a small number of websites; check the providers’ websites for more information.)
If you know the IP address of a web site or other Internet service that your ISP’s DNS servers block, you can add it to your own computer’s hosts register, which is a local list of name-to-IP address equivalents that your computer can use before searching external DNS servers. The hosts file is a text file with a very basic format; its contents are as follows:

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually provision most home, small school, and small business networks by issuing a dynamic IP address while identifying each specific internet network. Even if you’re not aware of it, you’re probably using a dynamic IP address.
A dynamic IP address means that your network’s ‘public’ IP address changes over time as the ‘leasing’ for that IP address changes. Your IP address will remain the same for a few weeks, but the lease will ultimately expire and your ISP will allocate it to another customer.
Many people have their ISP or network provider assign them a complex Internet Protocol (IP) address.
A static IP address is an alternative.
If you’re unsure, you probably have a dynamic IP address, but check with your ISP to be sure.
It’s difficult for public Internet services to figure out where to search for a complex IP address webserver, mailserver, or other Internet-addressable resource. DDNS offers a solution by allowing a person to register their current IP address with a third-party web server, making them publicly available and addressable even as their IP address changes.

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