You can advance slides during a slide show by pressing the page down key.

You can advance slides during a slide show by pressing the page down key.

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In Presenter mode, you can display your presentations in a separate window with slide notes while demonstrating them on a different monitor without them. Each slide’s notes are displayed beneath the slide preview area.
You can use the and buttons to navigate between slides, or you can press the slides in the chart on the left. In the slide list on the left, the secret slide numbers are crossed out. If you want to reveal a slide that has been marked as hidden to others, simply click it in the slide list on the left and it will appear.

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Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows can be used in corporate meetings to illustrate relevant details and keep attendees’ focus. Clicking through different options with the mouse during a slideshow will throw off your timing. Furthermore, the viewer will be able to see you perform these acts.
You may want to pause the slideshow during a presentation to address a specific point. The W or comma key causes it to pause and show a white screen. The slideshow is resumed by pressing the W or comma key again. You can write on the white screen with the pen while the slideshow is stopped. However, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to use the mouse to trigger the pen. (Pressing Ctrl+P to unlock the pen does nothing; it only restarts the slideshow.) When you resume the slideshow, everything you write on the white screen will be lost.
If you need to erase a mark made with a pen on a slide, press Ctrl+E to change the pointer to an eraser. By pressing the E key, you can delete all the marks you’ve made on a slide at once. (In the above case, the pointer will not change.) When pausing a slideshow, you can’t use Ctrl+E or E to remove marks on a white or black screen.

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Many users find that using an external keyboard with PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts speeds up their work. Keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using the touchscreen for users with mobility or vision disabilities, and they are an important alternative to using a mouse.
When using Presenter View to offer your presentation, the following keyboard shortcuts apply. Presenter View helps you to view the presentation with your speaker notes on one screen (for example, your laptop), while the audience sees the presentation without notes on another screen.
When you start a slide show while connected to a second monitor, the Presenter View appears automatically. Even if you only have one show, press Alt+F5 to start a presentation in Presenter View.
On macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and later, when the keyboard control navigation is switched on, the following keyboard shortcuts apply when presenting the presentation using the Presenter View. Switch on the keyboard control navigation for guidance.

How to make slides advance automatically in powerpoint

When you navigate within slides, you’ll be using key commands to move through all of the items on a single slide. You can jump from one object to the next by pressing the [Tab] key. When you tab to an object, it becomes selected and can be formatted to your specifications. Text boxes, photographs, and AutoShapes are examples of objects.
NOTE: Before using the main commands to navigate inside a slide, make sure the desired slide is selected. You may start tabbing before or after any items have been picked. When your cursor is inserted in a line of text, do not attempt to tab to an object; you can only apply a tab to the line of text.
There are many ways to work within your presentation after it has been opened in Normal view. Using keyboard shortcuts can help speed up the process while also improving the accuracy of commands performed between and inside slides.

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