Yahoo mail auto reply

Yahoo mail auto reply

How to setup email auto reply in yahoo mail

Most email services allow you to automatically send an out-of-office reply to anyone who emails you during the time span you specify. Here’s how to use Yahoo Mail’s auto-response feature.
To start, log in to your Yahoo Mail account using your preferred browser. Yahoo Mail comes in two flavors: the full-featured, more recent edition and the simpler version. Hover your mouse over the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window and pick “Settings” from the pop-up menu if you’re using a newer version.
The options on the left side of the Settings screen (newer version) or the Options tab (basic version) screen vary slightly, but both have a “Vacation Response” option. Select that choice.
Now you must specify the date range for which the vacation answer should be sent in response to incoming emails in Yahoo Mail. Choose a month from the first dropdown to the right of “From,” then a date from the second dropdown. The current year is selected by default. If you’ve planned ahead of time or it’s getting near to the end of the year and your holiday will be after the new year, that’s normally what you like.

How to set vacation auto response or auto-reply in yahoo

In response to incoming messages, the mail server generates a “vacation response” (also known as “out of office response” or “away message”). It’s used to let people know that you’re unavailable by sending them an email.
Thunderbird doesn’t have a convenient way to inform the mail server that it can give vacation replies. There is a standard for this, but the majority of mail providers have not implemented it, and since they are mostly based on web mail, there is little chance of improvement.
Creating a Message Filter and responding to all incoming messages with a template is a common suggestion. This solution necessitates that your computer be switched on and Thunderbird be open for the duration of your absence. It is not recommended because it has its own protection and safety concerns.
The easiest solution is to use a web-based email interface offered by most mail providers to configure a vacation response. The links to the vacation response pages for some of the more popular mail providers are listed below.

How to set up an out of office reply in yahoo mail

I no longer want to accept emails from a particular email address, but I want to retain my same email address. So I’m hoping there’s a way to respond to emails from that address with a “undeliverable” message that looks like it’s coming from the mailer daemon, as though my email address doesn’t exist any longer.
Set your sender to [email protected] and send something like this back if you don’t care about mail spoofing (and it is allowed) (or just send using your address, depending of how technically versed the intended recipient is)

How to set up auto reply in yahoo!® mail

It’s important to remember that not all email accounts on iOS support auto-reply, which is why we’re concentrating on Exchange email accounts. If your email account service does not support this functionality, the setting for that email account will be missing from your device’s iOS settings. This differs from the Mac, where you can configure an auto-responder for any email address in Mail for Mac. Furthermore, certain email providers allow you to set an auto-reply for holidays or “out of office” messages directly on the server or on the site, but the process differs by email provider and is not covered here.
Note that the automatic responder feature is not available in all email accounts on iOS because not all email accounts and email providers accept it. However, some third-party email providers can support these features if you set them up as Exchange, so if you want to do your own research, you can always add the email address to iOS as an Exchange account.

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