Yahoo desktop notifications

Yahoo desktop notifications

How to turn off notifications on yahoo mail

Another, even more convenient choice is to let your browser handle it on its own, with some support from Yahoo Mail. When a new email message arrives in your Yahoo! Mail account, you can customize some settings on the website to send a desktop warning via the browser. Here’s how to do it.
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I’m a recent Aquamail Pro user who is very happy with the app. I’m wondering if the mail notification has ever worked for Yahoo Mail. I looked on the internet as well as Aquamail’s FAQ and forum for a response, but there was none. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4 that’s running Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. I’m curious if the Aquamail message (in the screen status area) worked with earlier versions of Android KitKat 4.4.2 and that’s why I haven’t seen any complaints? I’ve tried both Yahoo’s Pop and Imap server settings without success. FYI, my Wavecable email account receives mail updates correctly; only Yahoo has an issue. I’d be grateful for any advice or if anyone has had success using Lollipop 5.0.1 with a Yahoo mail account. Thank you – Alan is a man with many talents.
Is there anything in your @yahoo account that you can see in Aqua?
Yahoo mail has been down for the past two days or so, and they’ve also managed to break Outlook and Thunderbird.
It’s my understanding (based on follow-ups from affected users) that it’s largely fixed, but maybe not in everyone’s accounts just yet?

How to turn off yahoo mail notifications

I recently modified my Android OS to 4.1.2, and Yahoo Mail is now sending out audible alerts (I had disabled them in the previous version of OS). When I open the program, there are no choices in the settings menu. What’s the right way to turn off the notifications?
To use the app, go to the upper-left corner of the screen and press the small arrow next to the “Inbox” label. The Folders menu will appear as a result of this action. Scroll down to the “Resources” section and tap Preferences, Account Settings, and Notification Settings. You can set up new message notification options from here:
If you don’t see “Notification Settings,” tap the text that lists your account’s e-mail address, and you’ll see the options to turn off both audible and visual alerts.
At long last! I finally got it on my own after months of Googling and asking others with Androids (Samsung Galaxy 4) how to turn off the yahoo alerts and having a failed result! So, here’s the deal: When I opened the Yahoo app, I noticed three lines on the far left of the email bar, next to the inbox. When you click the lines, your folders will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Settings. Pick Updates from the General menu. All of your mail alerts will be blue, so turn them off (grey shading). So there you have it!

How to turn off aol-gmail-yahoo mail notifications that

When you’re waiting for an important email to arrive in your inbox, you keep checking your phone or a web browser for updates. Mail applications on mobile phones, such as Yahoo Mail, typically inform you of newly received email messages as soon as they arrive. When reviewing email messages in a web browser, however, you must keep refreshing the page every few minutes to see if any new messages have arrived. If you use Yahoo mail, you can make it a little simpler by allowing desktop alerts, which will notify you in the Windows notification area when new email messages arrive in your inbox.

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