Xfinity port forwarding

Xfinity port forwarding

How to forward ports on an xfinity router and find your

I keep trying to port forward via my TZ300 on my Xfinity home modem in bridge mode, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried many times and followed the wizard’s directions, but I’ve never been able to get it to port forward. I contacted xfinity help, who stated that the bridge mode would not block ports, so maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is there a step-by-step for my configuration, which is different from the norm?
I found it out, so that’s healthy.
My xfinity modem was totally re-formatted and I had to start over.
I went through the process and discovered that in order for port forwarding to work, you must disable the firewalls by clicking the very small bottom check box that says disable it. Setting it to bridge mode, which is meant to disable the firewall as well, is apparently not the same thing. After that, you set it to bridge mode on both the IPv4 and IPv6 firewalls. Then, and only then, does it work as advertised. Thanks a lot to
I hate the SonicWall wizards because the names they produce are unhelpful when dealing with a large number of NATs and exceptions.
Please accept my apologies if this is a simple issue, but when troubleshooting, I always find that starting with the basics is the best place to start.
By going to, you will find out what your external IP address is.

How to port forward with xfinity for minecraft (disabling xfi

The technician arrived this morning, replaced the wire and modem, checked speeds, and completed basic setup before leaving. I received a warning that my node was down as planned when he was working, but I was preoccupied with other stuff when he left and didn’t think to verify that it had come back up before he left.
After an hour of troubleshooting, I discovered that rebooting the modem or deleting/adding the port forward caused the port to remain open for around 10-30 seconds until closing. In the new modem settings, I couldn’t figure out how to hold it open.
I then called Comcast help for 2 hours, 1 minute, and 39 seconds. As predicted, it was a complete farce, and the fact that two people had no idea what port forwarding was didn’t help matters. I eventually found someone who realized that I did more troubleshooting than they did, and I was able to get the modem fixed at the local Xfinity store. I drove to the store and used a different modem to get in and out.
I used the configuration and got the same performance. I spent some more hours troubleshooting, including factory defaults, modem logs, online settings, and so on, but the port would not remain open. Nothing worked, even when I switched Docker to a different port. By the time I gave up, the store had closed, so I decided to go back the next day and at the very least get the old model modem back until after the USA holiday, when a tech could come out later in the week.

How to xfinity comcast port forwarding jan 13 2020

In my home office, I’ve installed Apache (PHP/MySQL) on a Raspberry Pi with a Linux operating system. All appears to be in working order, and I was able to connect via SSH from my machine when connected to the same home network.
I’ve seen a lot of similar questions around here, but none that can adequately describe what I’m trying to accomplish. I have an XFinity Router that I can configure locally using IP I’ve read up on Port Forwarding and set it up on the Raspberry Pi, but now I’m stuck on the next move in the process of getting it set up so I can connect to it remotely (from a network other than my own). I plan on using it to host web-based PHP scripts that we can run from any web browser and SSH into from any internet connection.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but the XFinity code seems to be bothering me, and it’s making it difficult for me to understand Port Forwarding and how to set it up correctly.
I can’t give you detailed instructions on how to configure your router, but these three steps are what you’ll need to get it to do what you want, and the rest is up to you to find out how your router wants it.

How to port forward with xfinity xfi

Your XBOX ONE IP address is the next thing you can look for.

Xfinity router port forwarding tutorial

Make sure your XBOX is switched on when doing this.

Comcast xfinity wifi: how to enable port forwarding and

Once you’ve done that, search for the Connected Devices portion. Find your XBOX IP address on that tab, then press the edit button.
Every day, I play online games, and my NAT Type is always Open. I’ve always had outstanding internet access. If you’re having problems, you should have Comcast come out and check your internet and tell them of your problems. I hope this information is useful, and good luck with your gaming.
Hello there, I’m using the same gateway and am having NAT issues as well. In my case, I have two Xbox Ones at home, and I’ve read that the xbones only support the 3074 port, causing NAT problems when using UPnP with multiple xbones. I doubt you’ll ever get it right with two Xboxes; it’s complicated enough with one… These gateways aren’t exactly Xbox-friendly, particularly if you have multiple consoles… You’ll just need a modem and a gaming router that supports UPNP… (How does netgear work?)

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