Wow mail between servers

Wow mail between servers

World of warcraft how to mail account bound items across

It’s time to start playing your new character! Many of you who play on several realms — or who want to — have reason to celebrate today, as patch 5.4.2 now allows you to mail account-bound objects between realms. This is valid for North American and Oceanic realms, but European realms should expect the feature to appear after the patch tomorrow. Sending mail to “charactername-servername” — without the quotation marks, of course — isn’t any more difficult than sending mail to a single server. If your server name contains spaces, remove them. (For mailing purposes, “The Venture Co” server will be “theventureco.”) Bashiok clarifies the syntax as follows:

Joe’s wow tutorials: cross realm mail

The mail is returned to the sender after the expiry date has passed. If the mail is from the Auction House, a quest NPC, or anything similar, it is literally discarded, along with any items or money attached to it.
The maximum number of messages that a Mailbox can carry is unknown, but the first 100 messages will be shown. Any messages in excess of 100 will remain in the Mailbox but will not be shown. Any of the messages would have to be deleted in order to see the messages beyond the first 100. (by reading and taking the attachment or by deleting). Simply close the mail window and reopen the mailbox after a message has been deleted (making room for one of the non-displayed messages).
And when other players can no longer give you mail, mail from the Auction House is still shown last and is never lost. When mail from the Auction House is opened, it is loaded from the auction database (in in-universe terminology, conjured from the AH’s vaults) rather than being sent right away and deposited with other mail.

Guide: transfer gold across all wow servers (no

Restrictions on Gold and Asset Transfer (Mail/Guild Bank)

[wow] how to: transfer gold from one server to another

We’ve introduced a few restrictions on the transfer of wealth between accounts in Guild Wars 2 to tackle fraud and account theft. These restrictions are in place to avoid the rapid and illegitimate transfer of wealth that can occur as a result of account takeovers, fraud, or real-money trading (also known as “RMT” or “gold selling”).
In most cases, these limitations should have no effect on the usual transfer of gold and products between players. The only way you’ll run into these restrictions is if you’re trying to submit gold or products from a brand-new account, or if you’re transferring a large amount of gold between accounts.
New accounts are not allowed to use the in-game mail system until they hit Level 6, and they cannot send items or gold until 7 days have passed in real time. You can see lock icons and the following message in the mail panel before you’ve met these requirements:

Finally! transfer bind on account items across realms

It would seem logical to be able to move unbound objects from one of your characters to another, but I’m not sure if this is possible. Is there any? I was thinking of selling it on the Galactic Market, but I’m not sure if you can sell to yourself or cancel a listing (and get the item) from a different character.
Yes, you can mail something that isn’t connected to you to an alt as long as they’re on the same server. So you can mail any BoE (Bind on Equip) or BoL (Bind on Legacy) object to an alt. (Also, this is the only way to send mail between factions.) If you want to send something from your Pub to an Imp, you must first send it through your Imp alt or their Pub alt.)
You may mail things that are BoE or BoL, as mentioned in the previous response (or un-bindable). However, after the release of Strongholds, there is a much easier route. The Legacy Cargohold is a decorative element. It works similarly to Cargoholds in that it creates an inventory that everyone in your Legacy can open, deposit, and remove products from (given that they are at it).

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