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Working for bp

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“I’ve been with BP for four years and have found that their philosophy and loyalty to their workers is unparalleled. Global organization with opportunities to learn about various cultures, processes, and working methods.”
“I’ve been with BP since 2004, and I started as an intern in 2001. The business is a strong energy company that has remained a pioneer in the world of energy production despite some difficult times. Expect to be tested in your career by a fast-paced system of numerous opportunities for advancement.”
“I served as a reservoir engineer for BP for seven years, starting as a graduate and (unwillingly) leaving due to a relocation to the United States. The staff is the real highlight – they are extremely knowledgeable and eager to share their experience. Although the usual corporate bureaucracy and overheads can make life challenging, BP is a great employer in general.”
“I’ve worked for BP for the past eight years, and it’s been a fantastic experience. It was a fantastic experience for me. They put their employees first and treat them well.”

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Employees will work both in the workplace and remotely under the new model, “typically in a 60:40 split,” according to BP. The transition is expected to impact about 25,000 people across BP, with around 6,000 of them located in the UK, according to the company.
BP employees who work in offices have been working from home for nearly a year, according to the company. The organization said it doesn’t have a definite date in mind for resuming operations, and that it will be determined largely by the evolution of local and national laws and guidance surrounding the pandemic.
“The latest BP work/life model acknowledges the meaning and significance of both. We believe it will provide individuals and teams with a more open, engaging, and diverse working environment, allowing us all to take greater control of how we work,” BP added.
“This would combine time spent working together in the workplace with time spent working remotely at home or in other locations for the vast majority of office based staff across BP. “For the most part, there would be a 60:40 workplace:home split, with full-time workers usually in the office three days a week,” BP said.

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At BP, candidates typically have two interviews. The first is usually competency-based and administered over the internet. This is usually accompanied by a second-round face-to-face interview, which is referred to as a technical interview but contains some wider questions as well. After that, you’ll be invited to the final level, which is an appraisal center.
A member of the HR team typically conducts the phone-based competency interview. It includes competency questions that ask you to draw on your past experiences to demonstrate how you agree with BP’s principles of protection, respect, excellence, bravery, and unity.
According to previous candidates, BP’s competency questions are more difficult than the usual examples you might have seen elsewhere. Instead of a simple ‘Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team,’ you could be asked about a time when you had team conflict, and then questioned by your interviewer about how you resolved it.
It usually goes on to technical issues after that, and it’s meant to represent the type of work you’ll be doing in your chosen field. According to the BP website, you can expect to be questioned about your CV before moving on to a scenario-based query that will test some of your knowledge.

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The Downstream division of BP hires the most staff, with about 44,000 full-time workers. With nearly 17,600 employees, the Upstream department is the second largest, led by BP’s other companies and corporate, which hires 9,200 workers. BP employs these people all over the world, as the company extracts oil on every continent (excluding Antarctica). The loss of over 13,000 workers at BP since 2012 is partially due to a restructuring plan implemented in 2015 in response to lower oil prices. BP had already begun downsizing in the aftermath of the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which began in April 2010.
BP employs a huge number of employees, but it isn’t even in the top ten of the world’s largest oil and gas firms. PetroChina, a Chinese group, was the world’s largest oil and gas company by employment numbers as of 2019.
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