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WordPress to tumblr

How to move tumblr to wordpress

As a result, I’ve decided to migrate all of my wordpress blogs to Tumblr. But, according to TechCrunch, this is a bad idea. Despite the fact that Moritz Adler would kill me for it. (However, since he doesn’t have a personal blog, he doesn’t have the authority to murder me.) In either case. I don’t have to host a blog app because of Tumblr. And I don’t have to think about my blog being compromised and then being flagged as a malware site in Chrome or Firefox (happened to me twice). Then I use Tumblr to easily create new blogs with subdomains. It’s very cool. Baby, hail to the heavens!
Update: I came across a tool called import2.com/tumblr that promises to do a lot for you. Photos and 302 redirects are not migrated. I’m not sure about the migration of comments. And it’ll set you back $24. Even so, it would be worth the money if you could skip any of the steps below. On Quora, the author’s comments
What do you do for your DNS?
If you have a WordPress webhost, it is very likely that this webhost also handles DNS for you. You’ll need to use a third-party solution to replace it. These are good programs, in my opinion:

Tumblr zu wordpress migration-plugin: wie es funktioniert

The majority of the hosts we suggest will make it simple to install WordPress. The method varies depending on the host, so make sure to follow their guidelines for installing WordPress and contact your host’s support if you have any concerns or need assistance.
To give your WordPress website access to your Tumblr account, you’ll need to build a “app,” as the text describes. It might seem strange at first, but don’t sweat the details; this is just a temporary solution for getting WordPress and Tumblr to communicate.
There are several options for accomplishing this, but the best is to ensure that each of your old Tumblr posts automatically redirects to the same article on your new WordPress blog. This can be done in two stages.
The first step is to reroute your domain. You probably followed these instructions to point your domain to your Tumblr account when you first set up your domain with Tumblr. You’ll need to update your DNS records to point to your WordPress host at this point. The steps to do this vary depending on the domain registrar you used to buy your domain and the web hosting company you want for your new WordPress account. If you need assistance, contact your domain registrar or hosting provider (which may be the same company).

How to add tumblr feed to wordpress

Do you want to import your Tumblr content into WordPress? It’s surprisingly simple to move your Tumblr content to your own self-hosted WordPress platform thanks to a built-in feature in WordPress. In reality, once you’ve completed some basic housekeeping, the majority of the process is completely automated.
You’ll find that under the name of your app, there’s some stuff about it. In a moment, you’ll need the OAuth Consumer Key, as well as your hidden key. By selecting the Show secret key option, you can reveal the latter.
As previously mentioned, the heavy lifting of migrating all of your Tumblr content to WordPress will be handled by a built-in importer app. To do so, navigate to the Tools > Import tab in WordPress. Tumblr will appear as an option here; pick the Install Now option below:
The importer should only take a few seconds to set up. When it’s ready, the Install Now button will be replaced by a Run Importer option. The importer will guide you through the process of developing a Tumblr app after you click this. Of course, you’ve already done this, so skip down to the section where it asks for your OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key:

How to export a wordpress feed to tumblr

There are several options available if you want to migrate your WordPress blogs to Tumblr for some reason. You can also migrate anything, including your photos/images and comments, using those procedures. While no method is as simple as 1-2-3, there are steps that are easy to follow and that you can complete on your own.
Of course, the first step is to build a Tumblr account for yourself (if you do not have one yet). It’s simple to build one; all you have to do is sign up and then include some basic personal information to get started.
Consider the fact that the number of posts you can migrate to Tumblr each day is restricted. The number 70 is the most safe. You can, however, build separate files for your XML file so that you can be sure that each has only 70 objects. Bear in mind that the objects must be encoded, i.e. – or s.
You can only import about 70 things to Tumblr per day, as stated earlier in this guide. So, if you need to move more than the specified number, you can take a day off before resuming the import procedure. All you have to do now is upload the XML file and follow the steps below:

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