Wonder workshop competition

Wonder workshop competition

Wonder league robotics competition: year 5 sizzle reel

Since its inception in 2015, the Wonder League Robotics Competition has reached more than 78,000 children. Our all-inclusive curriculum is used by this growing network of coding and robotics teams to encourage an early love of coding, computer science, tangible learning, and STEAM education.
The teams learn to code while improving problem-solving, growth attitude, and innovation skills through a series of story-based missions. We invited foreign teams to participate three years ago, and the Wonder League continues to expand in international participation, making it a truly global competition.
Students aged 6 to 12 create solutions to real-world science and technology problems by programming Dash & Dot to complete a series of “missions” over the course of five months.
Eligibility requirements:
Any child aged 6 to 14 as of December 31, 2019 from anywhere in the world is eligible to participate. 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14 are the three age groups. When enrollment closes on the last day of 2019, children must be of the qualifying age for their bracket.

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Craig, along with his creek pals Kelsey and JP, will be included in a series of missions that children will complete as part of the competition. The Wonder League competition is held every year to meet the rising demand for coding and computer science among educators and parents. It helps children to learn 21st-century skills for free and without having to drive, making it available to children all over the world.
Cartoon Network partnered with Wonder Workshop to produce a series of missions that immerse children in Craig’s universe. The plot of the mission follows the Stump Kids as they rescue Dash and discover the series’ universe.
“We’re ecstatic that Dash will be collaborating with characters from ‘Craig of the Creek,’” says Vikas Gupta, Wonder Workshop’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “Wonder League has entered schools and homes around the world, providing the ideal forum and community for teachers, parents, and children to participate in hands-on coding and engineering challenges. We’re looking forward to seeing how this rare combination of Wonder Workshop’s entertaining robots and the adventurous, lively world of ‘Craig of the Creek’ encourages the next generation’s imagination and problem-solving skills.”

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This mat was made to aid teams competing in the Wonder League Robotics Competition.

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The 2.5 x 1.6m mat is made of hard-wearing vinyl of the same grade as floor coverings, so it can be walked on and cleaned just like every other vinyl flooring.

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Each mat is printed with an 8 x 5 grid of 30cm squares, which is required for the Wonder League competition missions, and it can be used year after year. It’s also a perfect place to use Sprint, Cue, or some other programmable robot outside of the Wonder League.

Wonder league robotics competition 2018 | wonder workshop

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