Windows 8 samsung laptop

Windows 8 samsung laptop

Samsung ativ q hybrid tablet/notebook with windows 8 and

I’ve had no luck installing Windows 8 on my new Samsung Series 9 laptop. After paying for and downloading the file, the installation goes as expected until it wants to reboot after installation, at which point I get the cyan Windows 8 logo shown below, the laptop then freezes, and when I use the power button to shut down, the laptop asks which OS I want to use, Windows 8 or 7, which I choose.
It’s possible that the partition you choose contains files from a previous Windows installation. These files and directories will be transferred to a folder called Windows.old if this happens. You’ll be able to access the data in Windows.old, but you won’t be able to use your computer.
After the installation, you can complete the Out of Box experience by choosing your laptop, creating a username and password, and setting your time zone. After that, you can download the most recent Windows updates and reinstall your applications.

How to factory reset your samsung windows 8 laptop

Now you can get all the features you want with long-lasting consistency. The Samsung laptop Series 3 features a slim bezel and lightweight build for excellent portability, and the anti-reflective panel helps you to use it outside. It’s also simple to keep it looking nice thanks to the anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch coating.
The anti-reflective 15.6″ HD LED monitor creates images with the most vivid colors and sharpest details. Its matt surface has less of a mirror effect, allowing you to use it for longer periods of time, even outdoors, without tiring your eyes. It’s also much smaller and lighter to bear, thanks to a slim bezel that’s as thin as a finger.s Your Series 3 laptop’s battery power will last much longer thanks to BatteryLife Plus technology.
Laptops can quickly get scratched even after a limited amount of use due to the demands of life on the go. A sturdy Samsung Duracase casing with a special scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint surface will keep your notebook looking stylish and like fresh for longer, protecting it from regular bumps and knocks.

Samsung ativ smart pc hands on – windows 8 hybrid tablet

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Samsung np300e5c-a0aus laptop windows 8

For users, Windows 8 Pro would be the top-of-the-line version of the operating system. (An Enterprise version is also available for businesses.) It has the same hardware specifications as Windows 7, so upgrading shouldn’t be a concern. These are exclusive offers that will end on January 31st of the following year. The upgrade will be $99 after that, but the full price of Windows 8 Pro is still unknown. On October 26th, Microsoft will release Windows 8. Find out why you should be excited about Microsoft’s Windows Surface tablet by clicking here.

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