Windows 10 mail notification wont go away

Windows 10 mail notification wont go away

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When I have new mail in Outlook, a nice envelope icon appears on top of the taskbar icon. This icon appears when I receive a new message, but it does not vanish when the message is marked as read.
This happens all the time in Microsoft Office Outlook 2013! It happens when I manually drag an email from my inbox to a folder, as well as when I read messages on one device and then turn to another. Even though there are no unread messages in my inbox, the icon always says unread.
I’ve devised an even more simple solution. When the new mail envelope won’t go down, I simply go to my sent mail folder, then back to the inbox, and it disappears. It’s always aggravating when you work in an office and it happens 10 times a day.

How to fix outlook mail notification pop-up not working

Microsoft is promoting taskbar and action center advertising more vigorously now, with some for Microsoft Edge and some for other Microsoft products. These are only a few of the advertisement solutions available in Windows 10. Here’s how to get it to stop troubling you.
The taskbar pop-ups in Windows 10 are not the same as the Get Office updates. They aren’t created by the app they’re promoting, such as Edge. They’re actually developed by the Windows operating system. You can’t easily turn off those alerts like you can with the Get Office app.

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For some reason, the latest mail notification pop-ups (in the bottom right corner) in Outlook 2016 do not vanish after a few seconds as they should. It It affects all users in our business, and I’m stumped as to why this has happened. It just sits there, frozen in place. I tried signing out and then back in, but the problem persists when someone sends a text. What’s the reason for this? Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Windows Server 2016 are the operating systems we use. Thank you.
That was a common occurrence for me. It doesn’t always happen, but if your machine has been on for a long time, it will. It would clear after a reboot for me and work normally for a while. Another workaround I read about was destroying and restarting explorer.exe, but I haven’t done it. Anyway, now that I’m on the most recent build of Windows 10 (1809), it doesn’t seem to be a problem because the latest mail notification is totally broken.
When I opened a file and then went to my office account, Outlook didn’t show me the version. There was nothing visible there. Version 1607 is the OS version on the client computer (OS Build 14393.2068) It also doesn’t affect just Outlook; it affects any notification that appears in the bottom right corner of the phone. What might be the source of this?

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On my team’s desktop program, there’s a notification badge that won’t go away. There are no new messages or products, just a (1) badge with nothing behind it. I believe the problem began when my teams’ passwords were changed, and I was logged out while reading a new post. I tried restarting my machine and reinstalling teams with no success. Only the screen and browser display the message, not the phone app.
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There is a setting that allows you to keep the program running even after you close it. The message disappears when this is disabled and then the program is reset. This can be found in the machine tray’s settings.
It has been discovered that users who exit Teams or Chats around the time alerts are posted receive locked toaster notifications. I re-add them to the Chat or Squad, and the notifications disappear. They then exit again, and the notifications vanish. It’s a Teams vulnerability that needs to be tackled.
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I was having the same issue and came across your post while doing some research. I’d like to introduce one more variant that I don’t believe has already been mentioned. When I logged into the web client, I found that the activity tab had no unread activity, which is inconsistent with the Teams desktop application. I was simply attempting to close/quit the program, as well as disabling alerts on the desktop application, but all failed. After comparing the web and desktop versions, it occurred to me that instead of simply closing the desktop program, I should SIGN OUT. This resolved the problem for me. The stuck notification setting was fixed after logging back in on the screen. I hope this fixes the dilemma for someone else who reads this post and hasn’t been able to fix it with the previous suggestions.

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