Widget for samsung galaxy s4

Widget for samsung galaxy s4

How to resize widgets on samsung® galaxy s4

If you no longer want to use the Accuweather widget on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can do so by following these steps: Keep pressing and holding the weather widget until it shrinks. Keep your finger on the screen pressed and drag the widget to the top of the screen’s tiny trash can. You should let go of your finger tip if it is over the trash can button, and the widget will be deleted from your homescreen.
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Adding widgets – samsung galaxy s4

Lock Screen Widgets is a new feature in Android 4.2, which Samsung takes advantage of with a camera widget and favorite apps on the Samsung Galaxy S4. If the widget approach takes too many swipes, you’ll still have the normal lock screen shortcuts to open.
By default, there are no app shortcuts at the bottom of the screen – the Favorite Apps widget on the right has taken their place – but you can allow them and have up to five easily accessible shortcuts.
You can’t use lock screen widgets if your phone has a protected lock screen (like a template or PIN). If you use a protected lock screen, the options to turn them off vanish entirely. This is unfortunate, particularly because stock Android allows you to use pattern or PIN lock screen widgets.
We take you on a thorough tour of Samsung’s approach to lock screen widgets in the Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen widget tutorial video below. It can be a little finicky at times, but we think you’ll enjoy widgets at phone wake just as much as the rest of us who live and die with Nexus devices do once you get the hang of them.

[ger] samsung galaxy s4 lockscreen widgets – tipps

My weather widget was set to update every hour, but it has stopped updating. The last time it was changed was on June 28. It will not refresh and send me the correct weather even if I click the refresh button. Is there some way to remedy this?
You can also check if your 4G data is working, then uninstall and re-add this weather (it might have been updated), and yes, the Playstore has a range of widget applications. On my S2x, I’m using HD widgets and its connection to the Weather Network application, which works great.

Samsung galaxy s4 : how to enable multiple widget (android

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to personalize your phone by adding widgets, shortcuts, and folders to the Home screen, adjusting the default wallpaper, setting default and contact-specific ringtones, and using voice commands and queries.
Nothing prevents you from using the phone exactly as it came out of the package, including having the default wallpaper, adding no additional widgets, downloading no new applications, and ignoring the operating system and software settings. However, part of the fun of owning a strong smartphone is customizing it—making it simpler, more effective, and enjoyable to use.
Customizing the phone’s Home screen is the simplest and most visible way to personalize it. Many of the Home screen customization options, such as changing the wallpaper, adding widgets, and adding shortcuts to your favorite apps, are actually the first things users do with their new phones.
Changing the phone’s Home screen background (also known as wallpaper) to a picture that is aesthetically pleasing, funny, or touching is the best way to customize it. A static image or a real, moving image may be used as wallpaper. The picture you select appears on every page of the Home screen.

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