Why is my spotify username random characters

Why is my spotify username random characters

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Spotify’s framework connects playlists with profiles, making it impossible to alter the username. However, you can build a new account with a different username and then contact Spotify’s customer service team to get everything transferred to your new account, including your playlists. To do so, you must first delete your existing Spotify account. You’ll need to cancel any subscriptions you have before closing the account.
You’ll lose your playlists, playlist followers, and music/library collections if you close your account. However, within seven days of closing your old account, you can contact Spotify’s support team for assistance in setting up a new one.
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On a device, how do you change your Spotify username?

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1. On your device, launch the Spotify app.

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2. In the upper right corner, click the downward-pointing arrow next to your profile picture and name.

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3. From the dropdown menu, select “Setup.”
How to change your Spotify username in the mobile app by adding a show name
You can’t change your Spotify show name on the web app right now, but you can do so on the Android and iOS smartphone apps.
1. On your mobile, open the Spotify app and log in if necessary.
2. Open your settings by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner.

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From Gmail accounts to banking websites, many people use the same online username across various platforms and websites. A single exposure to a user’s username can lead to identity theft.
Do you remember Snapchat’s data breach in 2014? 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers were affected. Snapchat allowed users to build new usernames and passwords despite the fact that no passwords or email addresses were revealed. It’s like using two passwords for an account if you use a randomized username since it makes it more difficult for anyone to guess your username and break in.

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