Why is my ip weird

Why is my ip weird

How do you fix a 169 ip address so you can get online

My roommates and I share an internet connection through a switch. According to whatismyip.com, both of their computers have IP addresses that begin with the number 81. According to the website, my IP address begins with the number 212. My roommate is scaring me, saying that this means that someone sinister is “rerouting” and monitoring my internet use.
I have no idea how networking works, and I haven’t been able to find any details on the topic online. Can anyone please tell me if the fact that my computer’s IP address is in a completely different range than the other two computers behind the switch is a dangerous sign?
The “host name” as my broadband provider is shown by the website’s lookup service, which may be appropriate. Sorry if I’m not giving all of the appropriate information, but I have no idea how this all works.
No, it may mean that your ISP, like mine, uses a transparent proxy – most ip detection sites and methods fail when this happens – in most situations, the two ip addresses detected by checkip (use this and this )are different – the first is standard ip address detection, and the second works behind, well, almost everything (via dyndns)

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I’ve run into a problem with IP address location.

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My IP address shows up as being in another state, and some websites inform me that my IP address means that I’m in a state that isn’t qualified for the services I’m searching for.

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This occurs on all of my computers, including my PC, phone, mobile, and laptop.

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It all began on Monday morning.

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For internet access, I use a wireless router and a satellite dish.

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How do I change my IP address back to my home state?
Virtually every home and small business Internet user has an IP address assigned to them by their Internet service provider. The ISP has a pool of IP addresses from which the IP address is selected.
While three of the locations are very similar to one another in New York City, one of the others is in Albany, NY, which is about 150 miles away, and the last location is in San Jose, CA, which is on the other side of the world!
You can “set your default location” using a ZIP code or a street address if you simply want the approximate location of your non-GPS-equipped device to be visible to various programs you’ve installed. Select Start and type Default in Windows 7.

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Yeah, I did some research on ipv4 vs ipv6, but the connection kocakserdar1 given threw me for a loop; the heading in the link reads “restoring visitor ip’s,” which led me to believe that I should/could do something to “restore” the ip’s showing on my website so they all display like ipv4… Anyway, I clearly misunderstood what he was attempting to convey through his connection…
My website has a feature/extension that allows administrators to view a user’s IP address and then click on it to view additional information… The ip lookup service it connected to was utrace, which couldn’t resolve ipv6 ip addresses and thus returned an error, leading me to assume something was wrong with the “odd-looking” ip address I inquired about… I switched the connection to a different service, and everything is now working properly! Thank you once more!
My first piece of advice in your case will be to change the layout so that it no longer splits. IPv6 needs to be longer because it has a wider address space, and you’ll have to deal with it anyway in the future because it’ll be normal (maybe not you personally, but rather you grandchildren ).

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Hi there!

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I’ve had trouble connecting to the internet recently.

Why is my ip weird 2020

I’ve tried everything, including resetting the PRAM.

Why is my ip weird on line

The Mac will not connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

Why is my ip weird online

It gets this WEIRD IP in both cases: 2804:431:b719:2450:c62c:3ff:fe0e:6b75

Why is my ip weird 2021

I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I have no idea what’s causing it. I’ve tried connecting it to different routers via ethernet cable, tried different WiFi networks, and even built a new network position in System Preferences -> Network, but I still get that strange IP. By the way, I’m using a Macbook Pro (2012 model) with Yosemite installed. Please help!!!
So I just tried something at random and it succeeded.
I linked the Macbook to one of my Mac Pro’s two ethernet ports and enabled internet sharing from one to the other. It will be able to connect to the internet in this manner. But now that I’ve done the IPv6 connection local thing, the macbook pro won’t connect to any of our home WiFi networks… So we’re going backwards now! Please aid!!
Yes, I believe so. It connects to my WiFi when I set the IPv6 setting to Automatic. However, he is also unable to navigate any websites. IPv6 is only used by a small number of websites. I was shocked to learn that your Internet provider supports IPv6. However, it’s likely that the router is the source of that address.

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