Why does google think im in the uk

Why does google think im in the uk

How to change the language and location on youtube from

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Even if your location is correctly configured on both the computer and the browser, the browser can show information relating to another country while navigating the Internet, especially via geo-tagged sites.
The tool will assist you not only in thoroughly cleaning the operating system, but also in optimizing a variety of processes.
Not to mention that you can tailor both the cleaning and optimization processes to your specific requirements.

How to change google chrome language back to english

Then, whenever I went to a website that checked to see if I was in my country, I got results for Europe. One US-based online store (from which I’ve previously purchased) now shows all prices in pounds. And when I go to Kickstarter, my language is automatically set to Italian.
I suspected it was a problem with my VPN (NordVPN, which was linked to a US server), so I disabled it, as well as Shift+Reloaded. Nothing has changed. Then I wanted to try a new browser – I normally use Chrome, so I went ahead and installed Firefox. The same issue exists in Firefox!
I tried restarting my computer, but it didn’t help. It still thinks I’m in Europe (though, strangely, after the restart, Edge has figured out that I’m in the US and I can’t reproduce the problem there, but Firefox and Chrome still think I’m in Europe).
EDIT: one more thing to remember. On my work laptop, which I use at home on the same internet connection and which is also logged in to all of the same accounts, I don’t have this problem. The only difference between the two that stands out to me is NordVPN, which I use on my home computer but not on my work laptop.

How to access country-specific google search results

(Actually, things are complicated in here because we have one company providing “infrastructure” and another serving as an ISP.) No matter what the issue is, they refuse to talk to each other. It’s easier to inform the consumer that “it’s the other company’s issue” this way.)
Before testing this, you should certainly reboot or at the very least clear your caches. The simplest method is to reboot. In terms of DNS servers, make sure that all of your clients are singing from the same hymn sheet. To see if this works, try putting them on Windows clients.
Did you wait 5 minutes after disconnecting your modem and router? ISPs give out IPs, but they only have a short lease (very short, given how few IPv4 addresses are left), so you’ll have to disconnect them for a while (I usually do 5 minutes and it works). Since you don’t seem to have a static IP, it should assign you a new one. Then you can cross your fingers that the latest one is from your own country.
They allocate each modem three IP addresses, allowing you to connect three separate sources to the modem (each with its own MAC address, of course), and the modem maintains a “table” of MAC addresses and IP addresses.

How to change google play store country 2018 *no root

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