Why cant i send money on facebook

Why cant i send money on facebook

Facebook to allow users to send money to friends through

PayPal is exceptional in this respect. As you might be aware, PayPal is approved by a vast number of online and even physical stores. All of your payment information is saved in your account, and you can buy items safely and easily by simply checking out with your PayPal account.
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How to send money in facebook messenger iphone

In 2015, Facebook introduced a new feature to Messenger that allows users to send and request money without having to open a separate cash transfer app or interrupting their conversation.
You have the option of creating a PIN and enabling two-factor authentication for your account for added protection. Touch ID is also available on Apple devices. It’s important to remember not to send or receive money from people you don’t know, and to report any suspicious behavior.
You will then be asked to enter your payment details. Choose whether to add a debit card or to sync your PayPal account at this stage. Bear in mind that the account you enter in this area will be used to withdraw funds.
Additional information is optional. For added protection, provide a personal identification number. If you want to use a PIN, make it a number that is both unique and difficult to guess. You can also use Touch ID if you have an iOS device.
After that, you are finished with the setup and can begin sending and receiving money. There is no charge for any user since payment is made directly via a debit card or PayPal account.

How to send & receive money using facebook messenger

Customer support has been contacted, and they are looking into it (though the “within 24 to 48 hours” (*eye roll*) time in which they promised to respond has passed).

How to request money in facebook messenger android

The woman on the other end of the line kept asking me to read her what was on my screen on the “send money” tab, which I did, but when I tried to email her a screen shot, she said she wouldn’t be able to receive it – strange.

Send money to facebook messenger contacts? with rbc

Anyway, thanks for the idea!
I’m Jad from Morocco, and this issue isn’t fresh or surprising for me. I’ve had a personal use account for 3 or 2 years, and I’ve never seen the friend and family option. Knowing that I’ve been a member for 3 or 2 years and use my account on a weekly basis, I thought they remembered me as a customer or doing business with my account, but the problem is that I have two different PayPal business accounts. and I was judged based on my country because I don’t use this account to send or accept large sums of money; I only use it to send money to friends and pay for eBay products.

How to set up facebook messenger payments

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You must add a debit card to your Messenger account in order to receive money. To begin, open the money conversation in Messenger and select “Add Debit Card.” Money sent to you will automatically deposit to your debit card once you’ve attached one to your account. Users who want even more protection can send money with a personal identification number (PIN). When an unauthorized user gains access to your computer or mobile device, this prevents fraudulent transactions. Since this is the internet, no information is ever absolutely protected, no matter how secure the system is. Following many large-scale hacking events, some customers are wary of using their phone’s apps to perform financial transactions.

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