Which network model uses only truly dedicated servers?

Which network model uses only truly dedicated servers?

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The scope of a local area network (LAN) is typically limited to a specific geographic venue, such as an office building, a single department within a corporate office, or even a home office. The network is made up of segments.
A local area network (LAN) links computers and other devices in a relatively small area, usually a single building or a group of buildings. Most LANs connect workstations and personal computers together, allowing users to access data and devices (such as printers and modems) from any place on the network.
We use Wide Area Network (WAN) networks to link vast geographic areas and go the distance. WANs, like the Internet, typically use both routers and public connections, so that’s usually how they’re classified.
A computer network that connects computers across a wide geographic region. A WAN is usually made up of two or more local-area networks (LANs). Public networks, such as the telephone system, are often used to link computers to a wide-area network. Leased lines or satellites may also be used to link them.

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Most should be able to differentiate between a peer-to-peer and a client/server network, as well as provide examples of when either is appropriate.

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Offer thorough descriptions of the different server types.

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Understand what a virtual private network (VPN) is and why it is used.

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(B/C grade)
Some may be able to clarify the differences between a peer-to-peer and a client/server network, as well as provide specific examples of when either is appropriate.
Provide comprehensive descriptions of different server types as well as recommendations for when they should be used.
Understand what a virtual private network (VPN) is and why it is used. (A*/A+/A+/A+/A+/A+/A+/A
In households and small businesses, a peer to peer network is often used.
A peer to peer network is one in which no single device is used to perform server functions (e.g. storing files centrally, sharing printers, sharing Internet access etc).
Each machine performs a function.
Bob’s computer, for example, may have Internet access while Jane’s computer has a printer.
These can be shared with other computers in a peer to peer network using built-in facilities in current operating systems (such as Windows, OS X, and Linux).

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Is there something the powerful $35 credit card-sized Raspberry Pi machine can’t do in 2019? There doesn’t seem to be one; recent Raspberry Pi ventures include a working smartphone, a computer vision kit, and even a movie projector for a more conventional home theater setup.
A Raspberry Pi (RPi) can also be used as a virtual private networking (VPN) server (VPN). Data communications is one of the many things you can tinker with on an RPi, which is one of the reasons they’re nicknamed “Swiss Army knives for hackers”—and not exactly the malicious kind.
RPis can be used as servers for a variety of projects, and if you have more than one personal computing computer on your network, you can use the RPi as a dedicated server. Many projects, such as the RPi VPN server you’ll create in this tutorial, include a series of software installation and configuration measures, such as Minecraft servers, website hosts, IRC, and network printing operations.
The key reason to use an RPi to run your own open source VPN server is for overall security, which no one can guarantee. If you access a website through an open internet connection (i.e., one that isn’t protected by a proxy or a VPN tunnel), the website administrator may be able to obtain your IP address and decide where you were when you connected.

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