Where do saved reddit posts go

Where do saved reddit posts go

Lpt: go back and actually look at your saved posts on reddit

I lost most of my saved posts all of a sudden. I could see all of them earlier today, but my most recent is now three weeks old, and the rest are all three months or more. Is there any way I can reclaim them? I had some only a few days ago; I’m not sure what triggered it or what criteria it used to choose what was gone. EDIT: They’re all back now, so whatever was causing the issue has been resolved! There are 25 comments. 93 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

How reddit gamed the stock of gamestop

It’s impossible to say how it all began on Reddit, like it is with everything. However, the battle that has ravaged the site in recent weeks began even before it went viral. The first version I noticed was from March 16, and it was posted to the r/WatchRedditDie subreddit (users refer to subreddits as “r WhateverTheNameIs,” and write them with a slash in between). It was sent by the user Steve Cuckman1312. The post was straightforward: a screenshot of a table with famous subreddits listed in one column and moderators listed in the other. “92 of the top 500 subreddits are managed by only four individuals,” it read. In reality, there were five Redditors at the table. Siouxsie siousv2 was mentioned 14 times, Merari01 was mentioned 20 times, Gallowboob was mentioned 23 times, Awkwardtheturtle was mentioned 24 times, and Cyxie was mentioned 45 times. The list was at best deceptive; those subreddits frequently have hundreds of moderators, and Steve Cuckman1312 had done nothing more than cherry-pick names. However, the fact was overshadowed by the post’s sinister subtext: These are the people in charge of Reddit. They also wield much too much strength.

How to view hidden posts on reddit

Yesterday, I went to the App Store to see if there were any new Reddit applications that I wasn’t aware of. I was searching for a full app with highlighted new comments in particular. Whether I’m using a smartphone app, that’s the one thing I’ve always missed the most from the desktop. Similar to RES on the desktop for Gold users, the slide not only highlights them… but also shows how many new comments there are. I began testing the app and discovered that it contains all of the functionality of the mobile Reddit app and other applications, as well as a lot more! This is the moment I’ve been looking forward to. Go ahead and do it! Download the software… and get the premium upgrade right away. You will not be disappointed.
Slide for Reddit is a forward-thinking app that has rapidly risen to the top of the AppStore’s reddit app lists. Reddit has never been easier to use, thanks to its top-notch customization tools and user-friendly gui. Carlos is a talented programmer who works hard to continuously develop and upgrade the apps. He’s very sensitive and the sort of person you’d expect to be worried about the long-term sustainability of his product rather than just a cash-and-grab app. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been using the regular Reddit app for a long time and have no idea what you’ve been missing out on. Slides will revolutionize the Reddit experience.

How to find saved posts in reddit

Every day, I stood in a shabby suit at the front podium, sometimes bending (which wasn’t allowed) and checking my phone when my boss wasn’t looking. Most of my dreams revolved around leaving and moving home. I recall being so excited to get home on that specific day that I didn’t even change out of my work clothes at the end of my shift. I simply walked out and rushed to catch my train.
I entered my apartment, hugged my girlfriend, and tried to unwind. She proposed that we order takeout, which I gladly accepted. I was too exhausted to even consider cooking dinner. After a while, my girlfriend called to inform me that we had guests downstairs. I assumed it was the delivery person who went down to let them in because she went down to let them in.
She returned inside, followed by my mother and younger sister. I was both perplexed and pleasantly surprised. It had been weeks since I had seen them. My unwitting girlfriend assumed she was assisting me in planning a pleasant impromptu evening with my family (hence the takeout suggestion), but this was not the case. My mother sat me down and told me what had happened at that moment.

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