What is a phone label

What is a phone label

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I select a contact in my app to obtain its phone number, and if there are several numbers, I use an AlertDialog to allow the user to choose the most appropriate one. I’d like to show the type’s label in this pick list to make it easier for the consumer to choose. Since the labels are stored somewhere in the Android system, getting the localized label must be possible. Unfortunately, when reading the phone number, the Phone.LABEL is null.
Inferno’s response is right, and I was relieved to find it because it was close to what I was searching for. However, there is one minor issue with this if you’re dealing with phones running API Level 5 (Android 2.0) or newer: Android.R.array.phoneTypes only returns the list of phone types that existed prior to API Level 5, when the ContactsContract class replaced the Contacts interface. On emulators running these Android versions (API Levels): 1.6 (4), 2.1-update 1 (7), and 2.2, I checked the labels specified while creating a new touch (8).

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When entering a contact’s phone number in iOS’s Contacts app or OS X’s Address Book, the number can be called iPhone rather than smartphone. Does this have some impact on how the OS or applications handle the number? Is it given solely for aesthetic reasons?
There are no special handling instructions or additional features on the iPhone label. It’s strictly decorative, and it just affects the display and voice dialing of a contact’s number in the same way as any other mark, like “Home,” “Job,” or “Mobile,” would.

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My phone automatically updated to IOS 11.4.1, and I no longer have the option to add a custom mark when entering a phone number into contacts. Is it possible to re-add the “Custom Label” feature to my contacts? It appears to be a straightforward patch. I avoided upgrading for a long time because all of the features I normally enjoy were modified. This is just one more case. Thank you,
The availability of the custom label alternative has little to do with iOS 11.4.1. It has something to do with the sort of account to which you’re syncing your contacts. Custom labels aren’t supported by some providers, including Exchange. Gmail and iCloud both do. Check what kind of account you have set in Settings>Contacts>Default Account if you don’t see them. In iOS 11.4.1, I still have custom labels. Gmail is my default email.
In the Contacts app, find your address. Click Edit. Select + add phone from the drop-down menu. Then press on whichever name appears in blue after that. To add a personalized label, swipe down. Put the name of the mark you want to use in the box. On the keyboard, press return.

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Businesses are having trouble finding the right devices as they move to a mobile-first environment. Organizations have had to buy consumer products (like the mobile phone in your pocket) and find out how to make them work to fulfill their needs throughout history. Consumer devices are normally prohibitively costly and lack the specifications needed for heavy business use. They also don’t provide the level of mobile protection that is needed for business.
A white label android solution eliminates all of the limitations associated with off-the-shelf consumer devices by allowing you to customize the device’s form, scale, and specifications. You can customize anything from the form factor to the boot animation and much more with Private Label Android hardware. There’s no need to pay exorbitant rates for off-the-shelf consumer devices when Private Label Android Devices can be customized to your exact needs for a fraction of the price.
The Private Label Method at Social Mobile
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