What does pretty good mean

What does pretty good mean

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The words “pretty fine” and “fairly good” are interchangeable. Both suggest that something is “moderately fine” (the “goodness” is average). 1st December 201001 They all essentially mean the same thing. It all depends on how and why they are said, in my opinion. 1st December 201010 “Pretty decent” is stronger than “very good,” which is stronger than “fairly good” – both of these terms are relative to “very good,” which is the best of the bunch but not as strong as “very good!” 13 November 201900 When I say your English is pretty good, I don’t think it’s bad for you; rather, I didn’t expect you to speak so well.

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What does it mean when someone asks, “How are you?” and you answer, “Pretty good”? Are you “more than ok,” “ok,” or “more or less ok”? I mean, I’d like to know the informal meaning of this phrase, not the exact meaning of each word separately. 4:26 p.m., September 13, 2017 3Answers 30Answers 30Answers 30Answers 30 People may answer “pretty well,” especially in greetings, and this may not be an accurate representation of how well they are doing. 😉 People almost always react to “How are you?” with phrases like “ok,” “good,” “pretty good,” “doing ok,” and so on.
“Pretty decent” usually refers to something that is good or slightly better. In conversation, however, inflection, sound, body language, and meaning reveal a great deal. The word is relative in and of itself (so the real meaning just depends on your perspective). What I consider “pretty fine” might be entirely different for you.
The adjective/adverb “pretty” is often used with many words, such as “pretty nice,” “pretty neat,” “pretty expensive,” “pretty old,” “pretty rude,” and so on. This means “very, but not extremely” in these situations, according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

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When I replied “pretty good” to a friend’s question “How are you today?” I was under the assumption that “pretty good” meant much more than “good,” that it meant “very good” or “awesome.”
So if you say “good,” all is well and truly definitely good, while if you say “pretty good,” you’re unsure about the well and truly definitely part. “Pretty good” is more ambiguous.
“Pretty Good” to me means that all is going as planned / intended, that you have nothing big to worry about but also nothing major to rejoice about. It’s a standard middle-of-the-road answer.
It’s all about the way you say it. “Pretty nice” can mean anything from “very great” to “so-so” to “not so hot” or even “could be better” if you have the right ear for it.

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