Western union api

Western union api

Western union rolls out apis for int’l payments

Is there anyone here who has used this API before? Do you have any documentation about the inquiries, answers, and so on that you might share? If I don’t have an API key (?) for it, it’s not a problem. I’m just looking for a quick peek at the papers.
I’m aware that it’s a private, probably paid API. But it irritates me that I haven’t seen a single example of its application, and I don’t want to fill out a form and wait days for a call or a canned response, as their “developer” site implies.

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MONEY 2020 – Western Union Business Solutions, a pioneer in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, has enabled full application programming interface (API) access to its supporting front-end domestic and foreign payment applications. Approximately 37,000 business customers will be able to align their financial institutions, accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs with their GlobalPay account using this new set of APIs.
Streamlining payment processing and providing insight into transaction and account history are two advantages of the API integration. Furthermore, the APIs provide insight into foreign exchange rates, transaction costs, and applicable fees, as well as providing the most up-to-date forms of controlled European internet protection.
“We have enriched our API capabilities through this investment to ensure our customers enjoy a best-in-class experience while using our products and integrating their data,” Scott Johnson, global head of product for Western Union Business Solutions, said.

Sofort banking: direct payment via online banking

Financial Institutions can broaden their scope, boost efficiencies, and transact in more currencies by incorporating a versatile global payments network into their own product or service, thanks to increased currency support in its WU Mass Payments API. With built-in, real-time FX quotations, WU Mass Pay offers a better experience for recipients. With the ability to route payments over the Western Union Business Solutions global network, partners can send up to 10,000 payments in over 130 currencies in a single batch, with near real-time payment monitoring, report features, and automatic notification adjustments to payment status.
Western Union Business Solutions provides companies looking for a partner to help them maximize cross-border payments with the tools they need to submit, receive, and handle foreign payments. Our global network, which spans 200 countries and territories, combined with our understanding of local markets, enables you to process international payments easily, effectively, and efficiently.

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Milestones in Western Union History: From Telegraph to API

Use case – api direct carrier billing solution

Non-cash payments and e-wallets have grown in popularity over the last ten years. You can now pay for almost anything with a plastic card or electronic money: plane tickets, utilities, communications, online transactions, and so on. Cash’s importance is diminishing with each passing year, which benefits both financial institutions and government agencies by simplifying control over financial flows.
However, an ancient system like Western Union, a corporation that primarily offers cash transfer services, still exists. To put it another way, Western Union is not going anywhere, and despite the pressures of modern realities on its traditional market, which is inextricably linked to cash, it is doing all it can to not only thrive, but also to remain one of the sector’s giants.
With the growth of commodity-money ties and the globalization of industry, the need for secure and quick money transfers over long distances emerged. If this could only be done in person before the 18th century, by the 1700s, a global network of first banks, usurers, and guarantors had emerged, which could guarantee the secure movement of funds over very long distances for a fee.

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