Well guru reviews

Well guru reviews

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responses from those who have no prior experience with filtering platforms Much like owning a car and not taking care of it as prescribed -results in mechanical failure, and almost nothing is done about it,. The pump he had that burned up was caused by plumbing failure and him leaving the house for long periods of time without turning off the water (which all dealers recommend). * I have a well water CD with all of the tips that all of my customers get with their systems. It’s the product of decades of gathered service data, and it’s designed to “save” the customer from service calls. He never read it or looked at any of the images… continue reading for the rest of the story!
If there is unscheduled operation, this is the only whole-house device that can run for a decade on 95% of wells without any Dealer service calls.
…with the included detailed CD, the system(s) can be remedied and restored to service in minutes, or there is a text help line that can be used to walk the customer through the repair to restore full service.
The warranty is second to none, and the system’s longevity (four out of five rival brands) puts it miles ahead of the competition, making it the perfect option for those with well water.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank We finally have good water after I built The Well Guru device in our house. We bought our first house because it had its own well. Our water smelled like sulfer and stained my laundry because the previous owner had an old filtration device. We ordered the machine, had it delivered to our house, and installed it in less than four hours. I can’t believe how much better things are now, and I would recommend this device to everyone!
I ordered The Well Guru a few months ago and had it delivered to my house. Despite the fact that the whole system came in just four boxes and included a comprehensive installation CD, I still had a few questions. Mr. Eric Watson gave me his personal cell phone number and answered all of my calls and texts to assist me with the installation. I now have the finest well water we’ve ever had after two and a half months.
Prior to The Well Guru, I had three Aquatic Filter Systems systems. After years of bad water and thousands of dollars spent, my Well Guru device finally works and I have good water!

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Check this video for simple “hands on operation” of your new Whole Home Well Water Filtration system. Also, review your emailed operating manual for long-term maintenance and tips. The more you learn, the more you will know about your “well water and your systems.” The more you know, the more you will get out of your investment. It is recommended that you change your Cap ring twice a year automatically. It just takes 2 seconds, and you’ll get two extras with your order. This is the only mechanical maintenance needed, and some well waters will necessitate its replacement on a regular basis. As a result, I suggest that you charge all well water systems.

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I recently had a water well drilled and want to add a good filter system before connecting it to the building. I looked up Aquatic Filter Systems on the internet (http://www.thewellguru.com/Home.php).
They were the ones who sold us our setup. They were able to repair our water while three other dealers were unable to. Excellent value for money, and extremely simple to maintain. With this device, you can’t go wrong. I’m extremely pleased with our The Well Guru method and would highly recommend it to everyone!!!

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