Web filter pro

Web filter pro

Ubiquiti udm pro security features and web filtering (sort of

Net Filter Pro is a sophisticated website filtering engine that analyzes the content of the websites you visit and only removes harmful content. It’s the industry’s first approach to use Selective Content Filtering Technology.
These channels offer a wealth of learning opportunities for these young audiences, as well as opportunities for them to engage with their peers. However, these sites often pose a significant risk to these users because they host a variety of negative material, including pornographic content, abuse, drug-related content, and gun-related content. These materials are typically presented alongside the standard content they will consume.

Protect your school with contentkeeper’s web filter pro

ContentKeeper, based in Australia, has over ten years of experience in the industry. Fortunately, the company is investing heavily in expanding its presence in the United States and Canada. The ContentKeeper product line’s mature, robust functionality is outstanding and represents their vast field experience. Their built-in HALO (high availability load optimization) capability is unique, allowing sites to scale to multi-gigabit capacity levels with ease.
Until recently, Web Filtering was primarily concerned with URL Filtering, or libraries of websites organized by topic. This approach, however, has a flaw: there are always more websites to identify, and Web content can change at any time. Today, ContentKeeper’s Web Filtering solutions use advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection to provide real-time, high-performance Web content analysis. ContentKeeper incorporates a wide range of powerful policy-based controls to give your company full, fine-grained control over web usage on any Web-connected computer, no matter where it is located.

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CIPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to Students need access to online learning apps and educational material from any computer, anywhere, and enforcement and web protection are top priorities. Overblocking useful content is counterproductive to successful learning, while allowing access can pose safety and security risks. ContentKeeper’s flexible Web Filtering and Security Platform provides schools with the resources they need to have secure access to useful educational content on and off campus, across all devices and browsers.
Ensure student safety on and off campus by implementing granular controls and accurate monitoring of encrypted traffic across all devices and browsers while maintaining network efficiency. Our multi-gigabit SSL decryption engine provides scalability and power.
On and off campus, use accurate and consistent user identification, policy-based filtering, and monitoring to access and manage Chromebooks, iPads, Windows, Macs, and other devices. Without the need for client installation, ensure stable decryption and filtering of guest and BYOD devices.

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For both consumer and school/business owned computers, it provides accurate and consistent user recognition, policy-based filtering, and reporting. Without the need for client installation, ensures secure decryption and filtering of guest and BYOD devices.
Provides safe SSL inspection through all devices and browsers without slowing down the network. Safe web traffic is monitored, regulated, and filtered at multi-gigabit speeds. Accurate monitoring of encrypted traffic guarantees policy management.
Provides enterprise-level reporting that scales across vast networks. The analytics and accurate data needed to implement transparency and policy enforcement are provided by the live audience, intelligent dashboards, executive summary, and forensic drill down reports.

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