Watch star blazers online free

Watch star blazers online free

Star blazers: space battleship yamato 2199 part 1 dvd / blu

The animated television series Star Blazers is based on the Japanese anime series Space Battleship Yamato I, II, and III. The first episode of Star Blazers aired in the United States in 1979. It was also the first successful English-translated anime with an overarching plot and narrative that allowed the episodes to be viewed in chronological order. It dealt with more mature themes than other works at the time aimed at the same target audience. As a result, potential arc-based, plot-driven anime translations were made possible.

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Earth has been reduced to a radioactive desert in the year 2199 as a result of years of bombardment by an alien entity, the Great Garmillas Empire, whose space powers have been hopelessly outclassed, and the few remaining survivors have taken refuge in underground cities. Queen Starsha of Iscandar sends humanity a message of hope, promising a technology that will restore Earth’s ravaged biosphere as well as plans for a wave motion engine. The plans are used to create the space battleship Yamato, a modern and heavily armed vessel capable of crossing intergalactic space for the device in the limited time that remains.
Yamato, under the command of Admiral Juzo Okita, travels through the solar system, shocking and crushing the Garmillan forces that have been besieging Earth. The empire’s sudden defeat at the hands of a supposedly primitive race catches the dictatorial tyrant, Abelt Dessler’s attention, and he unleashes more of his empire’s might against the Earth vessel in an increasingly desperate attempt to avoid it. Simultaneously, an attempt is made to assassinate Dessler and take the throne, and a resistance movement against Dessler develops. As Yamato approaches its destination in the Large Magellanic Cloud, elements of the rebellion join forces with Yamato’s crew, and Yamato’s crew finally challenge Dessler’s forces on Garmillas’ capital planet, resulting in Dessler’s exile and the start of a new era for the empire. Before obtaining Starsha’s gift and returning to Earth, the Yamato arrives in Iscandar, where the crew learns about the dangerous potential of wave motion energy.

Star blazers s01e01 the battle at pluto

The planet Gamilon, a world far outside Earth’s solar system, announces an invasion of Earth in the late 2100s. Earth’s nations battle together against the Gamilons, but Earth’s fleets are defeated one by one. As the nations of Earth fail to surrender, Gamilon unleashes a barrage of planet rockets, nuclear warheads disguised as meteors that eventually disperse lethal radiation throughout the globe, forcing humanity’s survivors to seek refuge in underground cities. Earth is contacted by Queen Starsha of the planet Iscandar, who agrees to provide Cosmo-DNA to eradicate the radioactivity and return Earth to its former glory. She gives the blueprints for an engine that will enable a brave, young team of technicians to travel over a hundred thousand light-years to Iscandar, retrieve the Cosmo-DNA, and return to Earth in a single Earth year. In the year 2199, an ancient seagoing vessel is equipped with the incredible engine and set sail for Iscandar. Along the way, the brave crew will have to fight the…
Earth was under attack from the mysterious planet Gamilon in the year 2199. Gamilon world bombs suffocated the Earth with nuclear waste, rendering it uninhabitable in a year’s time. However, there is a computer on the planet Iscandar that can kill the radioactivity. It is offered to the citizens of Earth by Queen Starsha. The perilous journey is undertaken by the Star Force, a group of Star Blazers. Will the Star Force, however, fly 148,000 miles…

Star blazers: the quest for iscandar ep01(1/2)

Star Blazers is a three-season television program. Each is an English-language adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato’s Japanese counterpart. The Japanese saga, however, spans more than these three television seasons, and the movies Yamato: The New Voyage and Be Forever Yamato fill in some of the gaps between Seasons Two and Three.
One year after the Argo returns to Earth with the Cosmo DNA and the Earth’s biodiversity is restored, the second season begins. The Comet Empire, headed by Prince Zordar, has emerged as a new and dangerous foe. Unlike Gamilon, who wanted to colonize and capture Earth, Zordar simply wants to conquer and annex the world to his Empire. Desslok, the Gamilon king, joins forces with Zordar, primarily to exact vengeance on the Argo for the destruction of Gamilon. The Argo, now led by Deputy Captain Derek Wildstar, is charged with fighting Zordar alongside the Earth Defense Force.
The Argo is caught in the middle of a conflict between the Galmans (the reformed Gamilon Empire) and the Bolar Federation in the third season. During the battle, a rogue missile causes the sun’s thermonuclear reactions to spiral out of reach. The sun will kill the Earth in one year and the whole solar system in three if it is not prevented. Derek Wildstar, now in charge of the Argo, has been tasked with seeking a new home for Earth’s population.

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