W3 total cache error

W3 total cache error

W3 total cache tutorial 2019 – how to setup w3

I’m using WordPress 4.6.1 and the (censored) plugin version I didn’t realize my WP version was incompatible until it was too late – it isn’t compatible with 4.7 and has problems with my version as well…
We allowed “Page cache,” “Database Cache,” and “Browser Cache” after our customer received an email from our host warning about “slow queries,” and because it already had the W3 Total Cache plugin installed (probably along with other plugins or the theme).
So the problems began: I was able to edit a page a few days later, but a few days later, the page edit page went to a white screen of death/error 503 – and I wasn’t the only one who had this problem! Surprisingly, the edit posts page seems to work normally.
Following an internet search, I used this tutorial to remove this plugin, which spreads files and code across the web. It solved the issue for many people, but not for me! Even after deleting the plugin AND the cache data, the web edit page remains blank, and the photos and js/css links are still cached. The htaccess is regular (only the wordpress code is there), and there are no signs of the plugin anywhere on the site. For example, I still get something like this in an image (look at the cached src):

Uninstall w3 total cache wp plugin

Full disclosure: With or without our plugin, WordPress websites will increase their load times in a variety of ways. We’d like to assist you in resolving some common issues with W3 Total Cache. The solution isn’t always to give up and use another plugin. Let’s start by attempting to correct some of these issues together! W3 Total Cache is a fantastic caching plugin, but when you’re new to the world of WordPress load times, it’s not always simple to fix caching issues.
W3 Total Cache minify’s compatibility with other plugins or themes, as well as the overall configuration of this caching plugin, can cause WordPress plugins, themes, or even your ability to log into WordPress to break. So, how do you know if this plugin is the source of all your problems? Pictures aren’t showing up, pages aren’t displaying correctly, and Woocommerce shopping carts aren’t updating or are displaying in the wrong order. When using W3 Total Cache, you can encounter the following errors:
W3 Complete Cache does not necessarily cache all resources. The debug tool will simply tell you whether or not anything has been cached. You can use this online guide to see if your plugin is working.

How to fix http error 500 after a failed wordpress update

After downloading and removing the W3 Max Cache plugin, I’m having some issues. I know that if I have a problem with a plugin, I should contact the plugin’s author, but I’ve noticed that some Sydney users have had similar issues.
My site was broken after I installed the W3 complete cache plugin, and I couldn’t even log in. As a result, I went to my cPanel and removed the plugin. After that, I signed in and restored my page to a previous date, as the site in mobile view was having some issues.
Since I already had WP Fastest Cache installed, my Delete Cache and Minified CSS/JS didn’t work after making the changes in my cPanel and deleting the above listed files, so I had to go to the Wp Fastest Cache setup and disable the Gzip and hit Submit (the submit button refreshes the plugin and files so it starts to work again). Then I ran a live search on my site to see if there were any issues. When I verified that the site was working properly, I re-enabled Gzip in WP Fastes Cache. I went back to the website and reviewed it again. All seemed to work well, so I left it alone.

Uninstall w3 total cache plugin while logged in & not

W3 Total Cache is refusing to rewrite URLs to minified archives. I’ve tried every tutorial I can find, but I still can’t seem to get it right. I keep having the following W3 Total Cache error:
The Minify URL rewriting appears to be disabled. Check that the server configuration allows.htaccess if you’re using Apache. Alternatively, if you’re using nginx, double-check that all configuration files are included in the main configuration fail (and that nginx has been reloaded / restarted).
I’ve got nginx on port 8080, varnish on port 80, php5-fpm, and MySQL running on my computer. It would be fantastic if someone could assist me with this. Please let me know if you need any additional information, configuration files, or anything else.
Create a file in a place that Nginx/PHP-FPM can write to that is specifically for W3 Total Cache configuration for your domain. Include this file in the Nginx server setup for your website. Then, on the General Settings tab, under Miscellaneous, fill in the “Nginx server configuration file path” field with the full path to this file. W3TC will then know to add any required Nginx rules to this file.

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