Voice recording button

Voice recording button

Recordable talking button voice recording sound button

You would not be caught off guard if a voice recording opportunity occurs suddenly. You may start recording voice directly from the widget or the application icon on the home screen. You should certainly record every voice that you don’t want to forget! Even if you install it as an emergency preparedness measure, there is no risk! [How to apply] You will be asked for permission to use the microphone when you first start up, so please agree. From the second and subsequent startup, automatic voice recording begins. Automatic recording can be turned off at any time, and the software can be used as a regular voice recorder. [Applications] – When you need to record something quickly. – If you need to secretly record something. – If you don’t like the inconvenient procedure. – If you need to record anything right away. [Feature] [Characteristic] [Characteristic] [Character – Simultaneous voice recording begins as soon as the microphone is turned on. – You have the option to stop recording your voice at any time. – You can listen to the sound right after it’s been registered. – Even if the screen is turned off, you can record. – You have the option of altering the sound quality. (alternative)

Push button sound voice module chip

Using the built-in microphone and speaker, record and replay 80 seconds of voice, music, or sound effects. A removable transparent cover helps you to align your recordings with images, videos, or words. An AUDIO-IN socket is included, allowing you to record audio directly from a CD player, a monitor, or an iPhone. EXAMPLES OF APPLICATIONS:
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Whatsapp: voice message without holding the button

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Start and stop voice recording using power button

DIY Cards and Toys 480 Second Recording Button Control is Simple to Use USB Music Sound Voice Recording Chip Module 1W with Rechargeable Lithium Battery, re-recordable Purchase Rechargeable Lithium Battery Re-recordable USB Music Sound Voice Recording Player Chip Module 1W for DIY Cards/Toys – Easy to Record- 480 Second Recording (Button Control) at UK, On qualifying orders, shipping and returns are free. 1W for DIY Cards/Toys with Rechargeable Lithium Battery Recording in 480 seconds is easy. Power with a Button Zerone, USB Re-recordable Music Sound Voice Recording Player Chip Module Rechargeable Lithium Battery for DIY Cards/Toys – Re-recordable USB Music Sound Voice Recording Player Chip Module 1W – Easy to Record- 480 Second Recording (Button Control).
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