Virtual spirit week

Virtual spirit week

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You may have heard the saying that not all superheroes wear capes, but now is the time to put it in your yearbook. This historic moment gives your school the opportunity to not only record, but also honor our vital staff who work diligently every day to keep our communities safe and secure (Hospital Workers, First Responders, Grocery Store Employees, Council Members, etc.).
Given the number of businesses that have closed, it’s possible that you or someone you know has expressed a need for a haircut. But now’s your chance to flaunt your most daring hairstyle! Let’s see who has the most bizarre hairstyles at your school… or if someone has tried taking matters into their own hands with the trimming shears.
What sport do you wish you could see again? Are you participating in or hoping to participate in a sport this year? Show your love for your favorite professional and local teams by wearing your favorite uniform or team colors! Encourage you and your family to get outside and play a sport or go for a walk if you’re willing.

Jcds virtual spirit week april 6-10, 2020

It’s not easy to come up with yearbook coverage suggestions when you’re doing remote learning. It’s as if the whole yearbook-making process is a huge question mark because there’s no blueprint for what we’re going through this year. Yearbooks that were once full of these photographs are at risk of being a bunch of blank pages as events and sports are canceled.
Before you get too worked up, think about this… The aim of the yearbook is to document the year’s memories and experiences, regardless of how those memories and experiences appear. This will be a lot of fun for any yearbook writer. Maintaining a positive attitude would only serve to set a positive example for our students. It’s a chance to show off your artistic abilities in a yearbook that will be treasured for a lifetime.
The success of Virtual Spirit Week is something I’ve learned from a lot of colleges. It’s a fun activity that students will participate in regardless of where they are enrolled. To help you get your creative juices going, we’ve put together a list of 30 different Virtual Spirit Week ideas, as well as a list of yearbook spread ideas.

2020 virtual spirit week

From Monday, April 27 to Friday, May 1, Fort Smith Public Schools will host a virtual spirit week. When sharing on social media, tag FSPS and use the hashtag #FSPSWeek every day. We’re excited to see how you display your FSPS pride!
Wednesday is Teacher Appreciation Day.
Display your FSPS pride by wearing blue and white or your school’s colors, and then thank your teacher(s) for what they do to keep learning going!
Career Day is on Thursday.
Dress up as your dream work or the person you’d like to be when you grow up. Tell someone you know who works on the front lines or is an important worker how much you appreciate what they do!
Friday – Quaran-Team DayMix and match your wardrobe to make it as outrageous as possible! Then take a photo of the people you’re quarantining at home. They’re welcome to join in the fun as well! Take a moment to express gratitude to those who are part of your “gang” and are assisting you during the quarantine.

Virtual spirit week in the upper school

You don’t have to cancel your spirit week plans only because school buildings are closed. Even if you weren’t planning on holding a spirit week in the first place, try introducing a virtual spirit week. It’s a wonderful way to keep school spirit up and promote a sense of belonging. Many students miss their peers, but seeing photos of them participating in a fun, school-wide event would undoubtedly keep “spirits high.” Take a look at these examples from Cesar Chavez Junior High and Spearman Elementary School.

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