Vendor terms and conditions

Vendor terms and conditions

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Any reference to the Seller’s quotation or similar form is solely for the purpose of describing the goods, and any reference to the terms and conditions described herein is intended as an offer to purchase the materials or services listed on the face of this purchase order. This offer specifically restricts acceptance to the terms and conditions set forth herein, and none of the terms and conditions set forth herein can be added to, updated, superseded, or otherwise changed until Buyer signs a written amendment. Regardless of any terms and conditions that may appear in Seller’s quote, acknowledgment, invoice, or other form, and notwithstanding Buyer’s acceptance and/or payment for the materials, each shipment obtained by Buyer from Seller shall be deemed to be subject only to the terms and conditions specified herein. The laws of the State of Wisconsin shall govern the interpretation and enforcement of this Purchase Order.
Unless otherwise specified on the face of this document, all materials are to be delivered F.O.B. point of destination, and no charges for freight, storage, crating, handling, demurrage, or any other matter relating to the delivery of the materials to Buyer will be permitted unless Buyer expressly authorizes it in writing. Unless the goods are shipped to and approved by Buyer, the Seller bears the entire risk of failure, damage, or destruction of the materials, regardless of the F.O.B. point or cause. All deliveries must bear the purchase order number that appears on the face of this document, and no partial deliveries are allowed without Buyer’s prior written approval.

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The price shall not exceed the price stated on the face of this Order, or, if no price is stated thereon, the last price quoted to Buyer by Supplier for similar articles, materials, items, parts, services, work, or other deliverables (collectively, “Goods”). The Goods’ prices shall not be higher than the Supplier’s lowest prices for equivalent Goods in comparable amounts at the time of shipping.
Unless otherwise stated in this Order, no payment will be made for packing, crating, cartage, or storage. Goods must be properly packaged to ensure the lowest possible shipping costs and must meet the standards of common carriers as well as any applicable specifications. Supplier is responsible for any loss or harm caused by Supplier’s failure to properly preserve, pack, ship, or treat such goods and will promptly refund the sum to Buyer. The Buyer’s directions on the face of this Order will be followed for shipment. This Order number must be written on the outside of each shipment and on all documents related to that shipment. Both shipping papers and invoices, where appropriate, must contain the serial numbers of the supplier. Any rise in transportation charges resulting from Supplier’s failure to use the prescribed method of shipping or carrier shall be borne by Buyer.

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1. ACCEPTANCE: Any terms or conditions in such acceptance must be limited to the terms hereof, stated or implied, and any terms or conditions in such acceptance are proposals that do not form part of this agreement until the buyer agrees in writing. In lieu of acceptance as herein given, seller’s shipment of conforming or nonconforming products may be regarded as seller’s acceptance and assent to all terms and conditions hereof, at buyer’s sole discretion.
2. PRICE: If no price is stated herein, the price will be the lowest price for like products of like quality paid by seller from the date hereof until the date of delivery, and in no case will the price be higher than the last previously quoted or charged to buyer unless notice is received from the seller and permission is obtained from the buyer. The cash discount period begins when an appropriate invoice is received at an IDEX HST Company, as well as its successors and assigns.
3. Guarantees, INDEMNIFICATION, AND ATTORNEY FEES: In addition to any implied warranties in fact or statute, seller specifically warrants that all products protected by this order I will be of good quality and workmanship, free of defects; (ii) will adhere to all requirements, sketches, explanations, and samples accepted by buyer; and (iii) will be merchantable. Acceptance of products or payment for them does not imply a waiver of warranties. The acceptance of a sample provided for inspection by the buyer is intended to assist the seller, but it does not absolve the seller of responsibility for delivering products that meet all requirements, drawings, and descriptions. Seller shall indemnify and keep buyer harmless from any loss or cost incurred by buyer as a result of any fault in the products and supplies provided hereunder or seller’s failure to produce goods as stated herein. In any lawsuit or proceeding in any court, directly or indirectly involving a defect in goods supplied hereunder or the failure of seller to supply said goods, seller agrees to pay fair attorneys’ fees for buyer. Seller specifically warrants and acknowledges that it will not reveal and will keep confidential all matters and designs of buyer that it has access to or knowledge about as a result of this purchase order, whether directly or indirectly.

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This Agreement’s time limit is strictly enforced. Seller shall provide the Services, Goods and/or Deliverables as described and in accordance with the location, quantities and dates (“Contract Time”) set forth in the Purchase Order.
Purchase Order (also known as a “Contract Price”). All packaging, shipping costs to the Buyer’s location, insurance, customs duties, fees, and applicable federal, state, and local taxes, including but not limited to all sales, usage, and excise taxes, are included in the Contract Price. Seller warrants that the Contract Price is complete, and that no additional charges of any kind will be applied or levied without Buyer’s express written consent and agreement to the revised price.
Buyer can order changes to the Services or Goods at any time by providing written instructions. If a requested adjustment would result in a change in the Contract Price or Contract Time, Seller must notify Buyer within five (5) days of receiving the request. A change request may or may not entitle Seller to a compensation adjustment or an extension of the performance deadlines under this Agreement. The parties shall negotiate and agree in writing on the terms of any change (a “Change Order”) as soon as the Seller’s estimate is received. Any Change Order will not bind Buyer unless it is signed by Buyer.

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