Vault 3 location

Vault 3 location

Fallout new vegas – “i love bananas” unmarked quest

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The full story of vault 3 and the hideous evil of the fiends

Many bobby pins are dumped together in large clusters near the doors that require, it seems the Fiends tried but failed to enter some of the restricted areas of Vault 3, as many bobby pins are dumped together in large clusters near the doors that require, There is graffiti of the name in one of the vault rooms, and there are some instances of cut material in the area, as illustrated in the source text. The player character may tell the jailer character that they are lost in a half-completed dialogue subject.
This is the last time the player character will have a direct contact with him, as after the conversation is over, the Courier will not be able to talk to him again. Unfortunately, the first people they encountered were a group of bloodthirsty, chem-addicted raiders who were loitering outside the vault, led by a man named Motor-Runner. Vault 3 was the perfect post-apocalyptic society in several respects. Official Game Guide for Fallout: New Vegas Tour of the Mojave Wasteland Collector’s Edition, 3?oldid=2074781, A room with is located in the center of the recreation area, behind a simple locked door that connects to the main part of the recreation area. The Courier can navigate the vault without being targeted if they pass a Speech check of 64 or if they are wearing Great Khan armor. Within the vault, there are approximately five hackable terminals that contain details about the vault’s history.

Fallout new vegas gameplay, part 87. defeating motor

He established a base of operations out of Vault 3 after being mentally healthy enough to manage the band of drugged psychotics and organize them into a credible fighting force. Motor-Runner has escaped several previous NCR assassination attempts, prompting Colonel Hsu to assign Ranger Bryce Anders the task of personally killing the Fiend leader. Motor-Runner, according to Hsu, has a history of decapitating dead NCR troopers. Motor-Runner bought slaves on a regular basis, and he did business with Dermot and Saint James at least twice. He bought a teen girl for 500 caps the first time, but gave nothing to the girl’s father because the man had assaulted him. He once bought a woman from the pair for 250 caps, but only gave her elderly parents 25 caps each and nothing to the woman’s infant son. BoneGnash and GhashBone, his two guard dogs, are guarding him in his throne room in the Vault 3 maintenance wing.
If the player passes a Speech check at the entrance of Vault 3 while speaking to the Fiend at the door, the Courier will sell him different drugs (Jet, Psycho, Buffout) for 20 caps (or 22 caps if the player passes the Barter check). With the exception of one instance involving Ricky, the player character will never be able to earn more than 22 caps by selling drugs worth 20.

Fallout new vegas vault 3 unmarked quest

There are several examples of this, but the fiends and Vault 3 are the most notable to me. You can certainly bluff your way into the Vault, but for what purpose? There’s nothing to do here but finish a small fetch quest and sell chems. I was expecting a full-fledged search to win their allegiance or take over the gang, but all I got was “go here, deliver this.” That, and to even get into the Vault, I have to destroy all the fiends protecting the entrance, and all the Fiends I meet outside are still hostile afterward. Furthermore, many of the game’s locations are completely barren, with little of interest to see. The ones that do are either bullet sponge ghouls or raiders with a safe containing 50 bullets and sarsaparilla. Not to mention the fact that the whole left side of the map is empty. Is there someone else who feels the same way? Upvoted 67 percent of 79 commentssharesavehidereport This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest. See what’s going on in two other cultures.

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