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Vanity world market

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My aim when it comes to accessorizing our all-white bathroom is to keep it clean, light, and clutter-free. I’ve teamed up with World Market to share a few of my favorite pieces for achieving the look in the picture above.
I like to keep my accessories neutral, with colorful accents such as fancy soaps, candles, and flowers. I also want everything on my countertop to be well-organized so that we can easily access a few of our nicer items (just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be fancy!)
This ivory embossed ceramic tray, which holds perfume and cologne bottles as well as a couple of small canisters for Q-tips and cotton balls, is one of my favorites. A ring holder is also a perfect item to have by your sink (and makes a great gift!).
Starting at the top left, clockwise:
La Lavande Lilac Bar Soap / Ivory Embossed Ceramic Tray / Alexandra Linen Flower Towels / Lavender Candles / Alabaster Lotus Soap Dish / Ceramic Bird Ring Holder / Clear Tile Canisters / La Lavande Lilac Bar Soap / Ivory Embossed Ceramic Tray / Alexandra Linen Flower Towels / Lavender Candles

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Finding a way to store, organize, and show your carefully curated product collection can be difficult for beauty addicts. If you’ve run out of shelf space in your small bathroom or simply want a dedicated place to conduct your regular masking routine, a proper makeup vanity can be the perfect solution (especially after investing in all those products). We asked ten interior designers (and two makeup artists) to suggest makeup vanities for any room, style, or budget, and the results are listed below (many of which are under $1,000).
Sofiia Strykova, a makeup artist, described this vanity as “sophisticated, trendy, and clean-looking.” The fact that there is a central mirror as well as two side mirrors is fantastic for getting ready for a night out.” Strykova appreciates the five storage drawers, which she says are “large enough to accommodate all the necessities” and advises “putting in tiny dividers to keep all your makeup pieces well organized.” Bonus: The stool shown is included in the price of the vanity.

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Though there are a plethora of beautiful mirrors to choose from, there’s one in particular that we (and everyone else on Instagram) have been coveting. It’s the Peacock Mirror from Anthropologie. This mirror is stunning, and while it’s at the top of our wishlist, it’s out of our price range, so we had to look for a less expensive alternative, which we found in this World Market mirror. The Brass Vintage Style Full-Length Full Mirror is the dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe’s dupe To the end, it left a lot of reviewers speechless. Others say, “it’s the Anthropologie alternative [they] love!” One reviewer couldn’t get over how “high-quality [this] dupe” was, while others claim, “it’s the Anthropologie alternative [they] love!” Who could blame them, to be honest? It’s hard not to see double in this situation.
This mirror exudes instant elegance thanks to its scrolling vintage-inspired floral detail. Providing all customers with a suitable solution that updates all areas with a classic, trendy look. View the Offer
The full-length brass mirror is absolutely stunning. Its dimensions are 24″W x.75″ D x 58″H, making it perfect for anyone who wants to make their mornings easier. You’ll be able to check out your whole outfit, from head to toe, without any problems here. And you know what’s even better than that? Of course, if you want to use this mirror outside of your closet. A scrolling vintage-inspired floral detail runs the length of this gleaming brass mirror. Say goodbye to your flea market visits and overpriced antique shops. This alternative, which is a fraction of the Anthropologie dupe we’re all lusting after, offers the same old-world Hollywood charm for just $250. Do you like this look? Here are some more doppelgängers we discovered:

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The vanity table’s genius is that it serves a single, opulent purpose: to provide you with a dedicated room for making yourself beautiful. We get very defensive and vocal when it comes to cultivating these primping stations because it’s such a personal space. A decent dressing table, on the other hand, can be difficult to come by, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 12 of the best on the market right now.
Although we recommend a vanity that is designed specifically for that purpose, we recognize that there aren’t many of them on the market, so you will need to find a small desk to convert into a primping station. Cate St. Hill, an interior designer and stylist, did just that with this West Elm piece.
There’s nothing wrong with going all-out femme when it comes to your vanity. Urban’s wire loop vanity is a perfect example of this. It comes in two colors: copper and white, so choose the one that best fits your boudoir.

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