Valentine class list template

Valentine class list template

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For both students and teachers, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year. We have the opportunity to take a breather and express our admiration for one another. Parents like to receive class lists ahead of time so that they can assist their children in putting together those special little treats to share with friends. I’ve created a few free resources to assist you in getting your class ready for Valentine’s Day.
For my students one year, I made these unique “You Make My World More Colorful” crayons.
They were a hit with my students.
They were a lot of fun to make, especially with my son’s support.
To see how easy it is to make these crayons, go to this article.
Finally, take a look at the different types of homework passes you may offer your students.
It’s just another inexpensive treat you can give to your students!
Students adore them, and you don’t have to waste any money on them.
That, in my opinion, is a win-win situation!

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There are a few things in life about which I am concerned, but Valentine’s Day is not one of them (yes, even when I was single). I enjoy making things enjoyable, but not if it requires me to spend endless hours organizing and preparing for anything that will only last an hour (if that). Even my wedding was easy to escape the drama that comes with saying yes to anything on Pinterest (though, to be fair, Pinterest didn’t exist when I married, so I lucked out!). Anyway, I’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day classroom activities that could make the big day a little easier for you.
You’ll also want to notify parents if you’ve wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the classroom. As I previously said, I like to keep things easy. As a result, I ask parents not to write their children’s names on valentines. Allow me to demonstrate.
You’ll need to find out how you want Valentines to be distributed and processed after you’ve sent a parent letter home. I did the typical shoe box Valentine decorating job my first year of teaching. I soon realized it that was a lot of effort for something that would be thrown away. 5 seconds after the students had returned home. As a result, I chose plain brown paper bags. We set sail to Practicalville with a pile of heart stickers (thanks to a previous year’s Valentine’s Day clearance), crayons, and markers (I live there pretty much year round). I suggest doing this on the same day that they hand out Valentines (I plan on doing it within the first 20 minutes of our Valentine’s Day celebration). Sign up for my newsletter below to receive the editable Valentine bag labels.

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These free printable teacher valentine cards are not only customizable, but they’re also incredibly simple to customize! I can’t think of someone who wants things to be simple and time-saving more than teachers. You can have valentine cards ready for your whole class in just a few minutes!
On Valentine’s Day, I like to make my students feel unique, but I don’t like to buy the store-bought boxes of valentines. Then it occurred to me that I couldn’t be the only teacher in need of an easy, printable alternative.
Lauren is the author of this book.
I assist elementary teachers in streamlining their phonics and reading instruction by providing them with all of the knowledge and tools they need to optimize each reading lesson and permanently increase their students’ reading levels.

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Zarek’s kindergarten class has a room mom this year, which means I get to prepare their Valentine’s Day Class Party at school! Since I am an excellent organizer, I enjoy doing stuff like this. If you’re the room mom for your child but don’t know what to do, I’ve got a plan for you! I hope this information will assist you in planning your child’s Valentine’s Day party! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get your free printable Class Party Planner!
Chenille stems, foam heart stickers, a stapler, and paper strips are all required. Instructions: Cut chenille stems in half, connect with stickers, add hearts to the tops of the chenille stems, decorate paper strip with stickers, staple together to the right size for infant, tape staples so they don’t scratch
Make a list of all the things you’ll need for the party. I send out a list of things that our school requires and ask parents to donate items or send money. Some parents, I know, find it easier to give the money and leave the rest to me. Although certain parents find it easier to share things that they already own or that are within their budget.

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