Utorrent no incoming connections mac

Utorrent no incoming connections mac

How to fix utorrent “connecting to peers” problem + with proof

This was also a problem for me, and I spent the last few days troubleshooting it. There was little knowledge online; all told me to change the ports Deluge was using, as the only other answer in this thread suggests. This didn’t work, so I experimented with various settings to see if they had any impact. All was set to -1 on the screen below, and as soon as I adjusted them, Deluge started working properly. I’m not sure which setting it is, but as long as I can torrent, I don’t mind.
If it does not appear to be active, you must open the ports you selected in your router’s “port forwarding” portion. A how-to for a variety of routers can be found here (but with uTorrent but that does not matter for the router settings).
All now works, but when I ‘test active port,’ the yellow triangle with exclamation appears (though it is no longer visible in the main window’s bottom line). But don’t give the ‘test’ much thought.

How to fix connection on utorrent

I’m not sure why this succeeded although totally disabling the firewall did not… For the same reason, we demand that apps like zonealarm be uninstalled. Disabling isn’t always enough to stop the intrusion.
Okay, but the firewall was already turned off. So why does it need to be activated and then granted permission to transfer data to the applications? Disabled should be described as such. That is to say, having no influence at all. It’s weird.
Yeah, I understand the reasoning… but that’s why this is so strange; the firewall has been configured in this manner for months with no problems. Then, all of a sudden, yesterday afternoon… it was as if it wanted to take over. No settings were modified, and as I described in my troubleshooting, if I started uT on another computer on the same network, it WOULD start working (that machine ALSO has the firewall disabled). I’m not sure why, but the reasoning of “hooks are still in place, so that must be why” doesn’t seem to hold water in this situation.
I guess I talked a little too fast. On this computer, I’ve lost the link yet again today. There’s nothing but grey and the word “unavailable” to explain it. Launching uT on my other computer has no impact this time around. On the “problem” machine, quit and relaunch uT, and it’s red with no incoming connections. My iMac, on the other hand, is perfect… same network, same program, no issues, firewall turned off. On the problem computer, disabling the firewall had no effect. Seriously, what the heck happened?

How to fix: utorrent not connecting to peers (official

I disabled DHT and now have some download capabilities, but the utorrent icon is still yellow (no incoming connections). My download speeds aren’t great, but I’ve only had it for a few days… peak speed averages about 40kB/s, with a limit of around 250.
The school is most likely blocking all p2p traffic directly from their router (s). Utorrent and Azureus employ “obfuscation,” which encrypts and covers torrent traffic from ISPs who might be throttling or slowing suspected peer-to-peer applications. When an ISP uses software that recognizes every p2p protocol and automatically slows your connection, it’s known as “traffic shaping.” Obfuscation support in P2P applications must first be allowed in the software’s settings. Be cautious because the penalties are serious. There are several free online video/music websites that are excellent and even better alternatives to p2p.

Go to Control panel – Network connections – Right click local area connections – properties – advanced – switch on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall – turn on the firewall –

Utorrent connecting to peers problem fix 3.4.9

0.91 %

[how to] port forward for utorrent tutorial

I had to restart after the installation, and I’m getting the orange light for all connections as well, but I’m port forwarded properly, and I’m still getting the same transfer speeds as with a green light. I like the new features like “no/erroneous BT client listening or misconfigured router,” and I’m getting NO incoming connections. It would be much more difficult to maintain a fair share-ratio as a result of this. Is there a way to download the previous version because I hate it so much?
And you don’t think I tried rebooting? It’s not working! As long as this firewall problem persists, and there is no way to get the previous version (0.9.04) anywhere, I’m switching to Transmission or Vuze 🙁
Regarding fcjvisser: Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll do it. Edit: I find the previous version (@ versiontracker.com) and all is back to usual 🙂 I’m certainly missing version 9.1! (and I’m not going to uninstall my current version when I upgrade to a newer version; I’ll just keep it somewhere safe)

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