Use the force a quiz

Use the force a quiz

Find out your jedi or sith rank! – star wars quiz

This is a topic that any good Star Wars fan has probably considered. Would you prefer to use the mind trick or hop all over the place if you were a Jedi? Will you rather be a Sith who slays your foes with lightning or a Sith who drills deep into their minds? It’s a complicated decision, but we’ve produced a quiz to help you find out the Force power you’d use the most if you were Force-sensitive. Do you think we’ve got it right? Tell us why in the comments section below!
You have a tendency to lean toward the Sith, which isn’t a concern given the incredible Force forces that Lords like Count Dooku wield. If you’re having trouble communicating with others, strike them with some fast lightning and they’ll understand. Not to mention that it’s a brilliant party trick. Both terrifying and helpful!
You have a lot of energy to expend, and being able to jump to superhuman heights will be a great way to do so. You’d be able to get around more quickly and even brag about it on the basketball court. When jumping out of freighters, be cautious between houses, and it’s a good idea to start with a jetpack.

Star wars quiz: are you light side or dark side?

The Death Star, which was the size of the moon, had a laser cannon capable of destroying an entire planet. Senator Palpatine, a Sith Lord posing as a politician, was in charge of its building.
X-wing fighters, like most Rebel technology, aren’t the most sophisticated or modern vehicles on the battlefield. But that doesn’t mean they’re helpless; they can generate enough speed and firepower to enable Skywalker to kill the Death Star!
In a large part of the known galaxy, the Trade Federation had a firm grip on goods transportation. Though they denied it in the Senate, the Federation was behind the assault on Naboo.
Anakin makes his own podracer out of surplus parts and wins a race, earning him his freedom. In the treacherous sands of Tatooine, podracing is a risky sport that can quickly lead to death.
The Falcon, though sometimes mistaken for a junk ship, is a strong ship capable of outrunning several newer ones. Although the Falcon’s output is unparalleled, thanks to Han and Chewbacca’s tinkering, the hyperdrive is considered to be unstable at times.

Find out your midichlorian count! – star wars quiz

You’ve created a quiz for your students to take. It is actually hidden from view. The test begins on the exam day, at a time that the students are aware of. However, you can do a dry run ahead of time to ensure that it can be completed in the time allotted. How are you going to do it?
If you want to print the results of all student attempts but not the answers history because it takes up too much room, go to Site admin -> Appearance -> Additional HTML and change the settings. Put something like this in the ‘Inside head’ setting:
When you add questions to a quiz, you’re simply adding links or pointers to questions in the question bank, not actual questions. Depending on where the questions are set, two things can happen when you copy a quiz:
It’s most likely that some of the students have already taken the quiz. If you need to add or remove questions from a quiz, you’ll need to delete all of the attempts by selecting them and choosing to delete them.

Find out your star wars end! – star wars quiz

Ahsoka Tano, the Chosen One’s padawan. You’re incredibly intelligent and perceptive for your generation, and you’re never afraid to try anything different. You’d be a fantastic chief! Since the world is constantly evolving, you’re able to adapt to your surroundings, which is a huge plus in today’s world.
Young Jedi, there’s a wide universe out there! They say a Jedi should avoid adventure and excitement, but let’s break the rules – you like breaking them! You’re perceptive and inventive… as well as a fast thinker. You’ve already gotten away with a lot, and you’re just getting started. It’s time to broaden your horizons and discover new stuff!
Problems as you get older? Or do you consider yourself a punk rebel? At this point in your life, your feelings must be tumultuous. You carve out your own path, even if it necessitates drastic steps. You may be trying to figure out where you fit in this crazy world right now. Not everybody who wanders is lost! – You’ll finally find your way.
The person. The legend. This is a legend. You are, after all, Luke Skywalker. You must be humble, modest, and kind, and you are prone to overthinking. The future is still in motion. Live in the present moment! Be aware of your emotions; they will betray you.

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