Unauthorized use of your account ebay

Unauthorized use of your account ebay

Ebay screwed me over || buyer scammed me out of

Scammers can take advantage of any available opportunity to defraud unwitting victims of their money or property, and eBay is no exception. Scammers have been using the online auction platform since it first launched in 1995. eBay needs a lot of confidence from both the buyer and the seller, but it’s pretty easy to take advantage of that trust. The company has put in some precautions, but as an eBay customer, you can do a lot to protect yourself.
This guide will teach you how to identify the most popular eBay scams, how to spot them, and how to protect yourself.
Some are aimed at buyers, whereas others are aimed at sellers. We’ll show you how to report a scam if you’ve been taken advantage of.
Purchasing items on eBay is typically easy, but some scammers prey on unsuspecting buyers who are simply looking for a good deal. Know that if anything seems to be too good to be true, it most definitely is. The following are three of the most popular eBay buyer scams.
Buyers are protected from fraudulent sellers by an eBay money-back guarantee, with certain exceptions. The following is a list of products that are not protected, which means that the seller will accept payment and then refuse to deliver the item, leaving you with no recourse via the eBay website as a buyer. When buying products from the following list, exercise caution:

Ebay suspensions, don’t let it happen to you. vero

Unauthorized use of your account necessitates intervention.

Your listing has been removed: copyright violation

We have reason to believe that your eBay account has been misused without your knowledge. Your eBay password has been changed. Any illegal operation, such as purchasing or selling, has now been cancelled, and any payments associated with it have been credited to your account. We’ve included a list of any listings we’ve removed at the bottom of this email. Your financial information is safely stored on a server and is not open to the public. To keep your eBay account secure, follow these steps: Change the passwords on your personal email account and any resources you use to list items. Change the password on your eBay account.
Your hidden question and answer should be updated.
Check that your eBay account’s contact information and other stored information are right.
Antivirus software should be installed or modified.
Please see http://pages.ebay.com/help/account/securing-account.html#secure for more details.
More information on keeping your eBay account protected can be found at http://pages.ebay.com/help/account/protecting-account.html.
We appreciate your patience and appreciate you being a member of our group.
Thank you,

Ebay vero! my account suspended for trademark violation

For the past 3-4 days, I’ve been receiving this email almost everyday. They keep resetting my password, and I keep adjusting it (more than a half-dozen times now), but I still get it. What’s going on…?
I received the same letter, except it was written in Polish. As a result, if this is a hack, it’s a really sophisticated one. I still don’t have any auction listings, and from what I can tell, it didn’t cancel any of my latest purchases. Probably a nondescript machine fart, but a frightening one.
The situation is still the same. I’m not sure what happened. Perhaps a very poor text for something like “you haven’t changed your password in x years, pick a new one.” Who knows, though?! If anyone else has cracked the login, a list of IPs will be useful.

Ebay paypal unauthorized transaction case – what to do

Has anyone else received an Ebay message saying “Unauthorized use of your account” after using GS? I’ve received two in the last three days, both after using GS–the first time I uploaded listings, and today I was just editing some listings when I received the call. I’ve had to reset my password every time this has happened.
Any ideas or theories as to why this is happening? I reset my personal email password today (didn’t do it the first time), as Ebay recommends, but I’m wondering if there’s something else I could be doing in GS to avoid this.
Yes, I agree. That’s exactly what I was thinking–GS should never be reported to Ebay as an unauthorized access problem. I’m guessing it’s something to do with my inbox or the personal web server where I keep my email address.
Anyway, hopefully I’ve got it all figured out now, and given that I seem to be the only one having this issue, I’m guessing it’ll be resolved soon. If it happens again, I’ll certainly let you know, just in case it’s something else.

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