Ubuntu wifi disconnect

Ubuntu wifi disconnect

Ubuntu wifi disconnects automatically [solved] | latest

My internet connection on both my laptop and desktop is continually falling out. This has happened on my home wifi as well as by using my phone as a hotspot. The wifi remains linked during this ‘dropout,’ but any network traffic (such as pinging a known IP) fails (EDIT: This was incorrect; I couldn’t reproduce the failure to ping; the solution was a DNS issue). This seems to occur after a period of 2 to 30 minutes of internet use. A reset, or restarting the network manager as such, is the only way to repair it:
I first assumed it was a problem with my laptop’s wireless card (Dell XPS 13 9350), but the problem persisted after switching to an Intel wifi card and then back to the stock broadcom based card. The problem still occurs on my computer, but it seems to occur less frequently (purely observational). Furthermore, after upgrading to 18.04, the number of dropouts seems to have risen (again, purely observational and may not be so).
Take a look at this discussion thread. WiFi unexpectedly disconnecting on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS can be of assistance. If that doesn’t work, consider using an Ethernet cable instead. Since 5ghz has longer wave lengths, it would be weaker than 2.4ghz when transmitting through walls or other insulators. However, if none of these work, wait for someone else to reply.

How to forget (remove) a wifi network in ubuntu (17.10

I’m assuming NetworkManager is the same across the various DEs. This appears to be a Deepin problem, but I’m not sure where to look or what to look for. I’d be happy to have any logs or other information you need to debug this.
I’ve seen wi-fi do this before, but not on a PC. I’m afraid I can’t support you here. However, I believe Deepin is the source of the issue. There seem to be a variety of strange problems in that DE, and a new release 20 is on the way, which is supposed to be more “professionally available.” It’s possible that this will fix your problem. We simply run out of ideas from time to time!
So, how will I go about doing this? I’ve installed XFCE4 on the foot. Is it enough for me to log out of Deepin and into xfce4, configure, and then log back in to Deepin? Do I run xfce4 apps under Deepin? I didn’t see any that were unique to a network.

Problem wifi resolved on ubuntu 15.04,16.04 ,17.04

This laptop has an Intel AC 3165 wireless adaptor; I had the SAME problem with the Windows 10 update last year, and it was a driver thing. This was the first time I’d seen this problem in 19.04 Budgie.
I’d try out an 18.04.2 live ISO by booting into it and leaving it running for a while. If it doesn’t disconnect, it’s usually a software problem with the kernel, or it may be a Network Manager issue. Kernel 4.18 and an older network manager are used in 18.04. If it disconnects, there’s a good chance it’s a hardware issue.
The re-installation failed for some reason… After a reboot, I lost all of my installed programs… I had to start over with a new installation… Kernal is only, which is the most recent update; if I need 5.1.15, I’ll have to look for it somewhere.
After some thought, I discovered the solution: I accidentally pressed FN + F2, which reduces the CPU’s power to half. Resetting the bios restored it to standard, but I was able to solve the problem by pressing FN + F2 again (If I knew this haha)

Ubuntu: ubuntu 16.04 wifi keep disconnecting

In my experience, the interface can be stable for a long time, but it will occasionally disconnect and fail to reconnect/authenticate for a long time before becoming stable again. It sometimes records the message “no beacon heard” and often disconnects for cause 4, which is inactivity.
In addition, I have instances of what appears to be the same error (cycling disconnect with iwlwifi time event over already error) in 5.1.15-arch1, which predates the implementation of that patch, and another isolated case in 5.1.4-arch1 (a separate AP as well), which predates the authorship of that patch. If you like, I will give you more logs.
For better or worse, I’ve been much less prone to making this mistake. Even though I use this laptop every day, the most recent example of the iwlwifi error for me was a spurious disconnect 1 week ago in 5.2.7-arch1.
I’m attempting to develop some sort of baseline behavior in order to determine whether or not the patch was effective. The bug hasn’t shown up in a few days. I’m curious if there’s any kind of stress I can add that will cause it to happen.

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