Two mx records for one domain

Two mx records for one domain

How to add mx record in godaddy dns @godaddy

I have a domain that I have added to my G-Suite account, and I have completed all setup and set all MX records. is another domain name I own. These two domains belong to two separate entities, each with their own set of users. In the case of, all employees require a G-Suite account and a Gmail address similar to [email protected], while in the case of, some employees do not require a G-Suite account, and the two firms have two distinct classes of employees.
What I need to do is set up the second domain,, so that if a user has a G-Suite account, he or she can receive and send email using his or her G-Suite account and mail, but if he or she doesn’t, he or she can still use the default mail server and send and receive mail from the server, not G-Suite.
For this setup, MX should not be used. Emails should only be sent to the first MX record if that server is up and running; otherwise, the email should fail to deliver and not be delivered to the next server.

How to setup subdomain mx record at godaddy

If your environment has several mail servers that are geographically dispersed and all need anti-spam and email security, a multi-server installation of MailEssentials is needed. In order to deal with the overload and prevent queues and delays in email delivery, organisations that send and receive a large number of emails install multiple email servers.
When using multiple mail servers, you must route inbound emails to each server in such a way that the servers process approximately the same amount of emails, effectively load balancing the servers.
A Mail Exchanger (MX) record is a domain name system (DNS) resource record that specifies how Internet e-mail should be routed using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) (SMTP). DNS is a service that converts domain names to IP addresses. An MX record is a DNS record that identifies the IP address(es) that are responsible for a domain.
The remainder of this article will clarify how to achieve load balancing for inbound emails. Only one of the solutions mentioned below must be used, and it is presumed that you are load balancing two mail servers. If there are more than two mail servers, follow the same steps.

Multiple dns a records with same name and different ip

Hi, I’m now using Zoho Mail as my email provider.

Create multiple mx records in windows dns for more than

We do, however, need to migrate one user to Office 365 Business Essential.

How to add multiple ip addresses for one dns a record in

However, we do not wish to receive all emails.

Dns records

As an illustration

Setting up dns records for your mail server

[email protected] is a legitimate email address. – Server Zoho [email protected] is a valid email address. – [email protected][email protected][email protected] – Server Zoho Is this a possibility? I’m attempting to keep costs as low as possible. By not using Office 365 for all emails and paying per inbox. Thank you.
Set Office 365 to NOT be the domain’s authoritative server. Mail from the Zoho mailbox will be forwarded to [email protected] For example, suppose you built an Office 365 tenant account named XYZcompany. The domain for your Microsoft Office 365 tenant account is
As their primary address, [email protected], so that outbound mail shows the correct address. Create an alias for [email protected] to receive mail forwarded from the Zoho server. User2’s email is now forwarded from Zoho to [email protected], and it is sent to User2’s Office 365 mailbox. When User2 responds to an email or sends a new one, it is sent from [email protected] Nothing is ever different for the recipients. Gregg is a man of many talents.

Zimbra #03 configure dns and mx record

Hello everyone,

How to create g suite mx records for google domains

Currently, I’m using a domain name ( ) that points its MX to the Yahoo Business email server, which has around 300 mailboxes. We are now planning to switch a limited number of users to Office 365. Is it possible to get the emails of a few users on O365 and leave the others alone? Note: I was also the office 365 person with the email address [email protected]
This is possible (some users on a different system); however, it would not and could not be done for MX data.
You’d have to set up forwarding in Yahoo for the accounts you want to pass at the very least. The accounts will be forwarded to the “” address. The trick would be in how some users send out email. The remedy is slipping my mind right now.
MX records don’t act like that. An MX record determines which servers can receive email for a specified DNS domain. Multiple servers may be specified: the mail is sent to the highest priority MX server first, then the second highest, and so on. The idea was that if a higher priority server was inaccessible, the client might send the message to the other server, which would then send it to the higher priority server. This was a very useful function when SMTP was invented, since the Internet back then was a little shaky. No, multiple MX records can not accomplish this. Why not take a hybrid approach when migrating to Office 365?

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