Twitter template google slides

Twitter template google slides

Free templates to up your google slides game

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Twitter template tweet social media – google slides

In the school, using social media to teach students has been a big success. “Mrs. Black let us use Snapchat today!” said my morning students to my afternoon students, according to several teachers. Oh, my goodness! Our task was to use Snapchat!” They’re referring to the day I taught them how to make booksnaps, of course. I’ll be eternally grateful to Tara Martin for teaching us all how to use social media to annotate text.
Consider your text annotation mini-lesson: you give a slide presentation that guides students through the steps and offers examples. There will be some handouts and notes to take. Students watch you annotate on the paper camera and then try it out on their own with highlighters and color pens in a written novel.
Is this something you’ve seen before? Yeah, it’s a visually pleasing slide show, and the passages might be humorous, but imagine telling the kids that mobile phones are needed in today’s world. Then add that they’ll be using Snapchat. It produces a whole new dynamic! They sit up straight and pay attention.

How to create interactive google slides for distance learning

Allowing students to use this example will allow them to think critically about their subject so that they can share a picture in only a few words to show their understanding. It’s more engaging if they can build usernames for themselves and those who liked the picture. They’ll also learn how to use the photo editing software, which are the same in Slides as they are in Drawing, as well as how to zoom in on a picture using the view menu or magnifying glass, because some of the things they need to edit are very tiny.

Save tweets in a google spreadsheet

I picked up my iPad and sketched out (what I thought was) a pretty to-do list a week or so ago, feeling exhausted by the length of my to-do list and taking a break from actually accomplishing something on it.
I have created a cover and a page for students to keep track of ties and schedules. We kept working because this wasn’t what Ms. Ellman had in mind, but if you think this could work for you, grab a copy of the rainbow planner HERE.
We chose to add two pages per slide after further brainstorming with Ms. Ellman to make it look more like a real open planner. She also asked if I could make it more “fill-in-able” (which I appreciated because I, too, make up terms when I can’t find the right ones), which meant I wanted to make it easier for students – who may not have made using a planner a practice – what to write and where to write it.

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