Trove servers are locked for testing

Trove servers are locked for testing

Unboxing over 6000+ pressure-locked delves

Yes, so the developers would put enough strain on the server to stress test it. Get off your high horse, dude; you don’t have much experience with networking or hosting, do you? It’s hilarious. Rather than the player population, a team of developers provides enough tension. It’s brilliant. It’s all over you, sir.
I’m sure they put it through its paces on a test server.
They have, however, made improvements to the live server. And they’re checking those improvements before letting us in. A successful developer should not necessarily presume that what works on the test server would work on production servers.

Sneak peak at trove’s new questline (test server

The Public Test Server (or PTS) is a server where developers can test new content. You’ll be able to test features coming in the next patch as well as buy some things in the shop for free on the PTS. The PTS improvement will not be carried forward to the Live edition.
Despite the fact that all players on the server have unlimited money, not all items in the shop can be purchased. Chaos Chests, for example, are forbidden from being purchased because they will allow players to see what loot is in the chests for the week. Dragon Coins, Dragon Eggs, Mounts, Costumes, Wings, Flasks and Emblems, and a few other pieces are all available despite the fact that most packs are blocked. Before the official update, several newly introduced packs that are not yet available on Live can be purchased.

I finally got 100 locked adventurine strongbox

After a few months away, I returned to the blog this month. It’s great to see you again! In June, I didn’t set any expectations for myself. I was trying out a few different games to see which one I wanted to stick with for a while. I’ve been mostly experimenting with Guild Wars 2, Trove, and a few single-player games. On the new Everquest 2 TLE server Fallen Gate, I also started a new character.
This week, I’m getting back into Trove. Sometimes I just want to play a game where I can turn off my brain and feel like I’m making progress. For me, it serves the same purpose as Diablo 3: grind a few levels and get some new gear while listening to music or whatever. I also have a group of friends who get together once a week to run the weekly Shadow Towers, which are Trove’s most challenging content.
I’ve been looking for a game that I can play without sound so that I can listen to some podcasts. Trove is good for this because I don’t use the game sounds because they’re too repetitive. I believe there are only three songs in the entire soundtrack.

Trove pts is offline!! – play the ‘trove heroes’ update in

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