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When you want to use graphic organizers for reading in your classroom but don’t have time to make them, what do you do? Tools4Students is a fantastic iPad app that includes 25 different reading skills models. Cause/Effect, Story Elements, and Fact/Opinion are all options. Each of the 25 vibrant graphic organizers is ideal for digital learning.
For all of the activities you get, the app is incredibly affordable. You’ll be able to practice all of your Common Core comprehension skills. Plus, you’ll be able to reuse these models again and again. You may also use these as a community activity or a way to distinguish instruction for teachers. Simply choose the template that you want each student to fill out.
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If you’re a student, you understand the importance of planning and coordination. At all times, you must keep track of upcoming tasks, exams, and schedules. The iPad app Tools 4 Students includes a total of 25 graphic organizers designed to help you keep on top of all of your tasks and studies. As an additional convenience, the organizers can be emailed, saved as a PDF, or sent to DropBox. Each of these organizers can be tailored to fit your needs.
Perhaps you’ve never used an organizer before, or you have and are unsure why you should choose this one over others. This software not only helps you remain organized, but it also helps you organize your thoughts when it comes to drawing conclusions, chapter notes, research, and much more. There are also seven blank organizers, allowing you to customize them to your preferences. Keep in mind that these will have to be purchased via in-app purchase.
You can save your work to your mobile device, store it in DropBox, and email it to yourself or friends, as previously described. One particularly useful function is the ability to project your organizer onto a whiteboard for use in a presentation. This makes the software convenient for both teachers and students.

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Mobile Learning Services launches Tools4Students 2, a set of 25 NEW Graphic Organizers for students in grades 4 through 12. The instructor volume purchasing service is available for purchase. Chapter Notes, Document Analysis, Writing Organizers, Drawing Conclusions, and 7 different blank models where students and teachers can build their own labels, titles, and headings are just a few of the new organizers.
Features 25 different organizers; type in your response, noting the book and page numbers as needed; save completed organizers as a PDF to make grading easier; reuse the same organizer over and over; save and refer back to later; project on whiteboard and use as a community or appraisal tool;

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25 graphic organizers are available from Tools 4 Students to help common comprehension skills such as main idea and detail, sequencing, compare and contrast, and so on. Each organizer can be emailed, dropped off, or saved as a PDF and used several times.
This is fantastic news! In another app called Tools4Students 2, Mobile Learning Services recently added 25 new Graphic Organizers. There are only a couple of the creative new organizers that will assist students’ thinking: Students and teachers can customize Chapter Notes, Document Analysis, Writing Organizers, and Drawing Conclusions, as well as 7 different blank organizers. As a separate app purchase, it’s now available.
Our software includes 25 graphic organizers for students to use while reading or planning to write to help them coordinate their thoughts. Cause/effect, main idea/detail, series incidents, pro/con, story elements, characterization, word sense, plot, KWL, and much more are all covered. Save the file to your computer and/or send it via email. Use it over and over. Take the project on board and work with the rest of the team. Using them to keep track of your notes when reading or as a pre-write for school papers. It’s also a great guide for teachers.

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