Timed out after none of the configured dns servers responded

Timed out after none of the configured dns servers responded

How to fix dns server not responding error (windows

The reference to “fios-router.home” in the first Warning must refer to the Quantum G1100 modem-router that Verizon provided for my FIOS 1Gbps service. DNS name resolution is also likely needed for the Quantum G1100’s “Active Directory” to work properly. See this link for item #4: -Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Connect –
Third, how can I keep using dnscrypt-proxy while allowing “_ldap. tcp.dc. msdcs.fios-router.home” and “wpad” to get the required DNS/name resolution and thus avoid the Warnings mentioned above? ◄ This is the most critical issue.
You’re searching for _ldap. tcp.dc. msdcs.fios-router.home, but it’s not accessible via whatever upstream resolver your dnscrypt-proxy uses. That’s understandable: the proxy encrypts lookups and guarantees that they’re resolved by OpenDNS,, or whoever, and they won’t return your local Fios router IP address (RFC 1918 and all that).
I’m just an ordinary person, not a tech. However, I understood the dnscrypt-proxy service to cache a large number of IP-DNS lookups on my own computer, maybe at or ::1, and only reach out when necessary. That’s what I see for local host when I use nslookup in a cmd.

Name resolution for the name wpad timed out fix

I realize there are several threads on this subject, but it’s difficult to sort through all of the suggestions and configurations to determine the best solution. My internet connection unexpectedly drops during use, and when I return to There has to be a simple fix for this problem, and I can’t believe Microsoft hasn’t mentioned it yet. I’ve been looking into this mistake for the past two weeks, and none of the solutions I’ve tried have succeeded.
I’m operating Windows 7 Professional 32-bit and the Event ID 1014 DNS Client Events error appears regularly in the Event Viewer. I have a cable modem connection (Scientific Atlanta DPC 2100 R2 Series Modem).
You force a reconnection with your service provider when you unplug the cable modem and plug it back in. If the connection does not work, please contact your service provider for assistance. Perhaps there are problems with the wires, ties, or connections between your provider and your house.
It happened once more this morning… I looked in the Event Viewer, and there were two more entries. I’ll contact my ISP’s tech support, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Microsoft’s inclusion of IPv6 in Windows 7.

Fix nslookup dns request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds

PlusNet is my Internet Service Provider. I have no idea what Orion is, and those DNS client alerts are beginning to bug me. When I use Bluestacks, I lose communication, and when I look in the event viewer, I see the Name resolution for the name wpad timed out after none of the configured options were used.
TCPIP ERROR occurs now. The machine discovered an address mismatch between IP address and the network hardware address F8-D0-AC-F3-FB-B3 on the system. As a consequence, network operations on this machine could be interrupted.
So ISP said it wasn’t a broadband thing, they ran diagnostics, replaced the router, and it still wasn’t fixed. I Also Need ASSISTANCE. I tried deleting and restoring the hosts file, but I still get three dns clients events.

Nslookup dns request timed out fix [tutorial]

I tried restarting DNS Client from the services menu, but it is grayed out. So I changed the binary to Disabled on startup in regedit, restarted, changed it back to automatic, and restarted again. Options to restart the DNS Client were also grayed out during those restarts… I can’t even connect to the internet after those restarts. Although Windows claims that it is connected, I am unable to ping my router and, as a result, cannot access the internet… I know I didn’t break anything because DNS Client is still working. There have been some problems with the router on other computers, but never as bad as this, and it only affects this local computer. I’m at a point where I’m just going to sell this PC and wait until I can afford a new one because the motherboard might be obsolete. Here are my requirements:
I just put in commands that essentially flushed cache and reset my IP, which I can do in the Realtek Utility application as well. Those commands seemed to work with someone who had the same issue as me. I have tested the Techkey adapter on several other computers, including four, not one, but four of my project laptops that run Windows 10 and Linux, all of which did not display any signs of the previous problems my main computer does when used for a 24-hour span. I even tried playing online games on them, and the adapters performed flawlessly. There are no logs for the adapter in the Windows Event Logs, but there are alert logs for the DNS Client. I assume my PC’s specs are important because my Motherboard is approaching 7 years old, and I’ve switched a lot of hardware in and out of it, as well as had a lot of unintentional shutdowns due to power outages (I live in the North, so powerlines are above ground and can be knocked down by wind).

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