Time for some changes

Time for some changes

It’s time for some changes

“As a product of frustrations, desperation, disappointments, and mediocrity. So many people will come to the conclusion that nothing is worth living for; not even what is solemn and sacred, out of idleness, minimal insight, difficulties, insatiability, poverty, suffering, and the vicissitudes of life, but some will still transform the woes of life into great land marks and indelible footprints worth emulating”
“Pause and reflect when it’s the middle of the week! The days we ignore turn into the years we wish we could have used more effectively and efficiently. We will recall our had I know tomorrow if we ignore today. Since time passes, consider the passage of time.”
“Be mindful of your thoughts, your time, and your life! Life only comes around once, and the real certainty or uncertainty that can cause you to lose it is always uncertain; before you fully comprehend this, you will never know how to live your life each moment of time and leave indelible footprints, big or small, that will please God, nor will you ever know how to live and leave noble and indelible footprints worth not just talking about, but also worth dying for. Mind your thoughts, your time, and your life!”

Changes by carla martinez (with lyrics)

“This is for the crazies. The outcasts. The insurgents. They’re the troublemakers. The square holes have round pegs in them. Those who have a particular perspective on life. They aren’t fond of following laws. They are also unconcerned about the status quo. You may quote them, criticize them, praise or condemn them. Ignoring them is about the only thing you can’t do. And they alter the situation. They propel humanity forward. While others may regard them as insane, we see genius. People who are insane enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do.”
“What makes you leave? So that you may return. That you can see the place where you come from with fresh eyes and new colors. Often, the people there have a different perspective on you. Returning to your original location is not the same as never leaving.”
“Don’t just read, but experience.”
Don’t just read; take in everything you can.
Transform, not just shift.
Advocate, not just relate.
Prove it, not just pledge it.
Encourage rather than condemn.
Ponder, not just thought.
Don’t only take, but give as well.
Don’t only look, but also sound.
Don’t just dream; take action. Listen, not just hear. Don’t just talk about it; do something about it. Show, not just say. Live, not only exist.”

Time to make some changes

It’s always a good idea to have a few popular quotes on hand in uncertain times. When things around you begin to move, or if you know someone who is about to embark on a new chapter in their life, you’ll be prepared with one of these change-related quips. Even though change is difficult, you’ll see that taking a big risk is not only necessary, but it can also lead to incredible results.
Either life is a daring adventure or it is nothing. It takes unstoppable courage to hold our faces against change and act like free spirits in the face of destiny. RELATED: 40 Tragic Quotes That Are All Too Real
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Studio tour – time for some changes!

On September 12, 2018, the European Commission proposed ending seasonal time changes across the EU in 2019, thus allowing Member States to choose their own standard time.

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People, the European Parliament, and a rising number of Member States are gradually challenging the mechanism of bi-annual clock adjustments. As a result, the Commission has examined the facts and concluded that providing harmonised rules in this field is critical for the proper functioning of the internal market. The European Parliament, as well as other players, endorse this (e.g. in the transport sector). The Commission also conducted a public survey, which received approximately 4.6 million responses, with 84 percent in favor of ending the bi-annual clock adjustments and 16 percent in favor of keeping them. The outcomes of the consultation were recorded in a journal.
Summertime arrangements were implemented in Europe in the last century to save energy, especially during times of war or during the 1970s oil crisis. Beginning in 1980, the EU gradually enacted legislation to eliminate the disparities in national clock shift schedules.

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