Thunderbird copying message to sent folder

Thunderbird copying message to sent folder

Move emails from imap into local folders in thunderbird

2) Next, decide whether or not copying to the Sent folder is necessary. Since many ISPs automatically copy messages to the Sent folder, making Postbox do so is unnecessary and can trigger issues.
3) If your server does not automatically copy to the Sent folder, and you are certain that your folder is mapped to the correct Sent folder (step 1 above), your Sent folder will be corrupted.
You can restore the Sent folder if you’re using IMAP. These measures are not recommended for POP accounts.

Message filtering – automatically move messages to folders

When you create a post, you can put a copy of sent messages (aka FCC) into the currently active folder or any other folder you want. The copies are usually saved in the ‘Sent’ folder. You may also transfer the original message for answers.
Please consider updating your actions if you’d like to have a different default folder: In the folderpane, first pick the desired folder, then generate the new mail. Please use the most recent version ( from the homepage.
Since you have power over your Firefox, you may grant or refuse these requests. Accepting permissions does not necessarily compromise the efficiency or protection of your browser, although there is a risk involved in certain rare cases.

How to prevent duplicate emails in the sent folder on outlook

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How to backup & restore thunderbird emails & data to

Mozilla is unable to copy sent messages to my?sent?folder for some reason.

How to recover emails , contacts and profiles in mozilla

(Messages seem to be being sent correctly.)

Save thunderbird emails as pdf

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I haven’t modified anything in Mozilla.

How to move your thunderbird data to another computer

Does anyone have any additional information?

Filtering e-mail in thunderbird

That happens to me every now and then in Mozilla Thunderbird, but only for newsgroups.

How to export emails from thunderbird

When you send a message, what exactly happens? Is there a mistake, or does the copy just not happen? In any case, double-check that the setting is turned on. Make sure Place a copy in “Sent”… is reviewed in AccountSettings, then select Copies and Folders under your count. Matt Flaschen is a writer and a musician.

How to move thunderbird local folders to another computer

Thunderbird takes about a second to send a mail with a big attachment (e.g. 10 MB) when the client sends it via smtp. After that, it takes about a minute to copy the mail to the sent folder. It could also time out, resulting in a message stating that the file could not be copied and submitted.
I’m wondering if anyone knows what’s going on there. I haven’t tried using another mail server, but I believe it’s a Thunderbird imap problem. Is there a way to make Thunderbird copy faster using a workaround or tuning? Is this a problem that only occurs when Thunderbird is used in conjunction with a hmail server, or is it a Thunderbird-wide issue?
In our office, we’ve had a similar scenario to what you mentioned in your first article. We have multiple similar PCs connected to the same switch, all with the same setup and software (including Thunderbird). However, ONE of the PCs has seldom, and I mean rarely, encountered this exact scenario (it sends but is unable to copy to SENT folder). There is no apparent reason why this happens (‘it worked before’), but in every case, a restart of Windows resolves the problem. And this PC is similar to the others, running the same version of Thunderbird and using the same accounts; another device on the same desk will send the same email from the same account without issue.

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