Thunderbird command error 12

Thunderbird command error 12

Thunderbird: how to configure an imap email account with

Hello there, Yesterday, we had some issues with an e-mail server, which may be contributing to the problem. As for myself, the design of the encrypted storage is extremely difficult to debug, so I’ll have to consult with other birds on this. Please wait until someone with more experience with the procedure can assist you 🙁
Hello there,
We were only able to address this topic today due to the Tor dev meeting. Because of the amount of time that has passed, it is our top priority. We have a few inquiries. * Did you use the alternative e-mail password reset option to change your password? * How many e-mail clients are regularly linked to that account? What ones are they? I’m sorry it’s taken too long for me to get around to working on this 🙁
Hi there,
This is due to the fact that you were using encrypted storage and forgot your password. When you do this, you lose the content of your e-mails (which is why there is a warning text when you do it). As a result, a portion of your e-mails are encrypted with your previous key and are no longer readable.
I was unconcerned about losing the content of my e-mails because I still download them and remove them from the server. The question is, how do I access the new e-mails I got after changing my password, or at least for the time being, because I continue to receive e-mails but am unable to read them? I had three unread messages when I first opened this ticket ten days ago, and now I have 125, none of which I can read! I’m running out of options here.

Windows server 2016 – install smtp and configure, test

When several “Transfer mails to IMAP folder” requests are made for the same move source IMAP folder, moved messages disappear from the IMAP move source folder, despite the fact that “copy to IMAP move target folder” failed.
“Your IMAP server is not available. You may have reached the server’s maximum number of connections.” “If this is the case, reduce the number of cached messages using the Advanced IMAP Server Settings dialog…”
Even with short messages (name query, nbns, local server, proxy, pac, isInNet, hostname vs realhostname) where exists on where mail.server.servern>.hostname and mail.server.servern>.hostname and mail.server.servern>.hostname and mail.server.servern>.hostname and mail.server.servern>.hostname and mail.server.servern>.hostname and mail.server.servern>.
.realhostname is not the same as.realhostname. [conversation]
Attempting to copy from or to an Exchange public folder fails due to a server error. “On this server, there is no replica for that mailbox.” (Copy between private and public mailbox stores is not supported by the Exchange IMAP server.)
Multiple drafts (server returns nothing to Scan HEADER) save snapshots of composed emails as separate messages in IMAP drafts folder. Message-Id: (despite the fact that the server does not respond with UIDPLUS in the CAPABILITY response)

Mozilla thunderbird – how to change your email password in

“I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for quite some time now. It’s where I keep all of my important email addresses, so it’s where I keep all of my email contact. It was extremely convenient to use until last week, when I began receiving an error message that said, “The current activity on Inbox failed.” I’ve tried a few fixes, but I can’t seem to get rid of the problem. “Could anyone please give me a working solution?”
This problem affects a significant number of users who use Mozilla Thunderbird as their email client. They are unable to access their email data as a result of this mistake, which is interfering with their job. In such cases, the first priority should be to resolve the issue. However, the users lack the necessary technical expertise to correct the issue. As a consequence, in this post, we’ll go through some suggestions for fixing the “The current command did not succeed” mistake.
It’s worth noting that this problem isn’t confined to the Inbox folder. It can also happen in other files, such as Sent, Custom, and so on. The following questions, taken from various forums, demonstrate how quickly an error in your Thunderbird application will appear:

Fix your imap server wants to alert you to the following error

I’m not sure what to make of the error and don’t know where to begin. I found that the values are labelled differently in from pp. 102+, but I’m not sure what the problem is with my implementation. What do I make of the error? What’s the matter with my syntax?
P.S. Correct me if I’m incorrect, but shouldn’t not change my directory? As in, I “navigate” to the selected folder by selecting foldername, but searching only returns values and shouldn’t change my location?
I had the same issue when trying to list or pick a new mailbox – Poor [b’ Command Argument Mistake. 12′]; in my case, it didn’t work with “Send Box,” but it did with “Outbox,” so the space symbol is the answer.

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