This account has been disabled discord

This account has been disabled discord

Fix ”discord account disabled” – 2021 | recover a disabled

Competing with your mates in CS:GO or Apex Legends is more enjoyable if everyone uses the same instant messaging platform. Having a forum to mess around on, talk in general, and stream gameplay for friends is a vital part of the game for many people. If you’re a big fan of video games, you’ve definitely used Discord, which has become the go-to chat platform for gamers over the years. Some games and gaming sites have their own Discord servers where players can find teammates, communicate with tech help, or simply talk.
Scammers, spammers, and trolls, as you would imagine, are attracted to large groups almost as often as people who share a mutual interest. And if you don’t take care of your privacy and security settings before you start playing or talking on Discord, they can spoil the fun. Here’s how to properly set up the messaging service.
First and foremost, let’s talk about account protection. Set a new password if you have an easy one — ideally one that is really long (not sure how?). Numbers, a combination of capital and lowercase letters, and special characters all aid, but the most important factor is length.

My discord account has been disabled. please help.

However, my account was deleted by the Discord team without any proof or confirmation that I was involved. I’d appreciate it if the team could look into this further and send an individual staff member to solve the problem rather than an auto-reply bot. wished for Establish my Discord account as a result of the outcome. Discord’s Reaction 11th of March, 2021 Since you disobeyed our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, your account has been suspended. The account will not be reinstated. Problems with a product or service are the most common form of complaint. Status: Solved 25 February 2021 My account was disabled, and I’d like to reactivate it.
I’ve made a lot of friends through this service, and I’ve even helped in the development of servers and activities related to the sponsorship of various charities and family aid funds on Discord.
This service has helped me to feel less alone and less depressed. Since all physical contact-based activities have been cancelled, it has made my transition to college and staying in touch with colleagues far easier.

Discord account disabled fix [tutorial]

If you no longer want to use a specific app, it might be a good idea to delete all of the data it has on you.

My account has been disabled on discord!

On Discord, this would result in the irreversible deletion of your account. It should only take a minute to uninstall your Discord account, so if you’re sure you want to do it, go ahead. If you own a server, you’ll need to either uninstall it or pass ownership to someone else. Don’t worry if you forget this step; Discord won’t let you uninstall your account if you still own a server. With that in mind, here’s how to uninstall your Discord account permanently on both Mac and PC using the desktop or browser versions of the software.
You may also opt to disable your account rather than delete it. This will deactivate your account, but you will be able to reactivate it later. You will not get any updates when your account is disabled, but users will still be able to send you friend requests. You can re-enable it by going back to your account’s tab.

Discord disabled my account and slandered me (not

According to Discord’s second transparency report, the organization blocked 5.2 million accounts between April and December of last year. Spam and exploitative content, such as nonconsensual pornography (so-called “revenge porn”) and pornographic content involving minors, were the most common reasons for account suspensions.
The report shows a clear distinction between the types of violations that most users are likely to report and those that are most likely to result in people and servers being banned. The most popular complaints of abuse that Discord receives are from users, but only a small percentage of these reports result in action being taken. Discord claims that it would teach users how to remove the offending user in certain situations without taking any further action.
Exploitative material, on the other hand, accounts for just 6.7 percent of reports but results in the second-highest number of bans. Part of this is because Discord is more likely to take action after receiving one of these reports, but the organization also claims to be taking a more aggressive approach to eliminating it. Any image and video uploaded to Discord is scanned and compared to documented child sexual exploitation content using PhotoDNA. According to Discord, this strategy ensures that offending servers can be deleted in the vast majority of cases before anyone reports them.

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