Theme of frindle

Theme of frindle

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Clements’ work is divided into many themes. The relationship between language and power is, in my opinion, the most overarching theme. The battle between Nick and Mrs. Granger is built on the use and application of language. In the end, all parties’ power struggles are rooted in the control of language. Mrs. Granger assigns the task of looking up word origins in the dictionary to Nick when he attempts to get under her skin. This act shows her mastery of language and, as a result, her superiority over Nick. He begins to assert his dominance over her and society at large through the control of language after inventing the term “Frindle.” Clements’ work explores the concept of being able to manipulate language and exert power through it.

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Frindle tells the story of fifth-grader Nick Allen, who is described as a boy who “has a lot of ideas and loves putting them to work in ways that annoy his teachers.” This causes Nick to start a war of wills with Mrs. Granger, his dictionary-obsessed language arts teacher, by deciding that pens should be referred to as “frindles,” a word that the entire school…
Though Nick says he never planned to start a battle with his fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Granger, by renaming pens “frindles”—a name that easily spreads around the school, community, and nation—that is exactly what he does. As the war progresses, and Nick emerges as the winning side’s leader, the novel questions the power structures that made Nick’s victory improbable in the first place, and that are ultimately in place to…
Nick finds himself thrown into the spotlight as the word “frindle” catches the imaginations of Nick’s classmates and, ultimately, the imaginations of others around the country. At first, he loves the publicity, but it soon becomes difficult for him to handle the burden of coining a brand new term. Nick is forced to decide what he can do with his fame as he navigates the daunting landscape of becoming briefly famous. Nick’s choices, in the end…

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What Exactly Is a Theme?
Have you ever been to a themed birthday party? The party’s theme is significant because it decides the type of cake, decorations, and games that will be present. An ocean-themed party, for example, could include an octopus-shaped cake, fish decorations, and water games. In literature, a theme is a message or concept that is central to the plot and influences how the story’s events and characters are portrayed, similar to a party theme. There are often several themes in stories. Let’s take a look at some of the themes in Andrew Clements’ novel Frindle.
Words Have Value
Frindle’s characters put a high emphasis on words and vocabulary. In her letter to Nick, Mrs. Granger describes it best. She claims to try to teach students something that would be useful in the future: vocabulary. “So many things have become obsolete,” she says. However, words are still relevant after all these years. Everyone still needs terms. “Words are used to think with, compose with, dream with, wish for, and pray for.” Mrs. Granger’s classroom, homework assignments, and instruction all reflect her enthusiasm for words. Nick and his family put a high emphasis on words as well. Nick speaks about asking his father and brother to explain the significance of terms he doesn’t understand because they have a huge library. By welcoming the development of a brand new word, the tale of Frindle demonstrates that not only Mrs. Granger and Nick appreciate vocabulary, but so does the rest of the world. Creativity’s Value The tale of Frindle is about a young boy named Nick who has a lot of big ideas. Nick’s ideas are praised and promoted in the plot. His mad experiment of inventing a new word for a common item proves to be a big hit. He is encouraged to always try new things if he is concerned about the commotion his words create and reluctant to try other new ideas. After the frindle incident, Nick had a string of artistic achievements, according to the book. Frindle has a clear theme of valuing imagination.

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Students will investigate a theme for Frindle in this activity. “Creativity,” or the belief that “anything is possible,” is a common theme in Frindle. A small idea that takes over a town illustrates the influence of creativity. Students should use a Storyboard with a grid style to show proof that supports their chosen theme.
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